"Now you two better grow up to be well behaved children -- or the Zombie Tramp will come and find you!"
Zombie Tramp
"Deep-Fried Flesh-Fry A-Go-Go"
Zombie Tramp Vol 3 7.jpg
Zombie Tramp
Title: "Deep-Fried Flesh-Fry A-Go-Go"
Volume: 3
Number: 7
Cover price: $3.99
Cover date: January, 2015
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Danger Zone
Chief: Shawn Gabborin
Writers: Jason Martin; Dan Mendoza
Pencilers: Winston Young
Inkers: Winston Young
Cover artists: TMChu
Cover inker: TMChu
Cover colorist: Jason Martin
Colorists: Jason Martin
Letterers: Dave Dwonch; Jason Martin
Associates: Colleen Boyd
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Next: Zombie Tramp #8

"Deep-Fried Flesh-Fry A-Go-Go" is the tagline to the seventh issue of the third comic book series to bear the title Zombie Tramp, which is the first ongoing series to feature the titular character, Janey Belle, aka Zombie Tramp. The story was written by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin. Martin is also the colorist and co-letterer on the story. Artwork was by Winston Young and lettering was by Dave Dwonch. Colleen Boyd was an associate editor on this story. This issue shipped with a January, 2015 cover date and carries a cover price of $3.99 per copy (US).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Featured characters

Supporting characters


  • Chicken Chicas customer
  • Chicken Chicas planet manager

Minor characters

  • Chicken Chicas burn victim
  • Chicken Chicas waitress
  • Two unnamed children


  • Chicken Chicas staff

Races & Animals


  • American Southwest
  • Chicken Chicas
  • Chicken Chicas plant





Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This series is rated M for Mature. It contains scenes of graphic violence, strong language and nudity.
  • This issue shipped with a variant cover illustrated by TMChu.
  • This issue shipped with a risqué variant of the standard direct market cover, which was limited to 2,500 copies.
  • This issue includes the Zombie Stamps letters collumn.
  • Janey Belle uses the line "That'll do, Pig" from the film Babe.
  • The Chicken Chicas plant manager makes reference to a "hairy" individual that he has dealt with in the past. This is the werewolf trucker that Janey Belle fought with in Zombie Tramp #5.

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