"So today I am stepping from behind the mask and speaking to you as a man when I ask ask you not to honor me... but rather every man and woman to ever wear a uniform."
"Soldiers One and All"
Youngblood 72
Title: "Soldiers One and All"
Volume: 1
Number: 72
Cover price: $2.99
Cover date: July, 2012
Publisher: Image Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Marc Silvestri
Writers: John McLaughlin
Pencilers: Jon Malin
Inkers: Jon Malin
Cover artists: Rob Liefeld
Cover inker: Andy Troy
Colorists: Ross Hughes
Letterers: Rus Wooton
Editors: Eric Stephenson
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Appearances Edit

Featured characters

Supporting characters


  • Unnamed villain with horns
  • Unnamed Barack Obama imposter
  • Zombie soldiers

Minor characters






  • None


Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Diamond ID:APR120566.
  • As revealed at the end of this issue, President Barack Obama does not make an actual appearance in this issue, but is in fact an alien imposter.

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