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Country: England
Points of interest: Bouldershaw Fell; North Yorkshire; South Yorkshire; Hallamshire; Sheffield

Yorkshire is a county in northern England. Within the borders of the historic county of Yorkshire are areas which are widely considered to be among the greenest in England, due to both the vast stretches of unspoiled countryside in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors and the open aspect of some of the major cities.

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Bouldershaw Fell
Bouldershaw Fell was an observatory located in Yorkshire in the early 1960s. It was here that a scientific research team led by Professor Ernest Reinhart and Doctor John Fleming developed a radio telescope that picked up a coded signal from deep within the Andromeda Galaxy. [1]
Hallamshire is an area located in the city of Sheffield in the county of South Yorkshire in the country of England. The Hallamshire Police operates out of Hallamshire, which is good, because otherwise it would be a damn stupid name for a police department.
Sheffield is a city located in the county of Yorkshire in the country of England. It has appeared on episodes of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. One of the historical areas of Sheffield is Hallamshire. Sheffield is known for its steel industry, and as a manufacturer of fine cutlery. Ryan Sinclair, Graham O'Brien, Grace O'Brian and Yasmin Khan all lived in Sheffield. Ryan and Yasmin were born and raised in Sheffield, and attended school together as children at Redlands Primary.

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Name Source
Asha Chandra Doctor Who
Dennis Bridger A for Andromeda
Ernest Reinhart A for Andromeda
Grace O'Brien Doctor Who
Graham O'Brien Doctor Who
John Fleming A for Andromeda
Ramesh Sunder Doctor Who
Ryan Sinclair Doctor Who
Yasmin Khan Doctor Who

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