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The X-Men are a fictional superhero team featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The group was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and introduced in the first issue of the ongoing comic series Uncanny X-Men. Though it took them quite a number of years to earn their place in pop-culture history, the X-Men have developed an enormous fan base over the years and have yielded a successful multimedia franchise which includes dozens of spin-off titles, several animated programs, a feature film franchise as well as video games, novels, toys and apparel.

1980s team


X-Men Blue team

The X-Men blue team.

During the early 1990s, the X-Men roster had grown quite large, and a bit unmanageable. As such, the group was divided into two separate teams: The Blue team was led by Scott Summers and the Gold team was led by Ororo Munroe. Both teams made their first appearance in X-Men, Volume 2 #1.

Blue Team

Gold Team



Event Source Date
Cyclops breaks free of Magneto's restraints and fights up against Quicksilver. Magneto tries to recruit Cyclops into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but he adheres to following Xavier's dream. Uncanny X-Men 45 6.68
Angel flies to New York to recruit the Avengers to help the X-Men fight up against Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Uncanny X-Men 45 6.68


Event Source Date
Angel, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl & Polaris all quit the X-Men. [[Cyclops remains behind. Uncanny X-Men 94 8.75
Count Nefaria and the Ani-Men take control of NORAD at Valhalla Base. The X-Men respond, but Nefaria destroys the X-Men Stratojet with missiles. Uncanny X-Men 94 8.75
Cyclops unwittingly frees Kierrok and his N'Garai demon horde after blasting away through the Xavier property into an undiscovered dimensional cairn. The X-Men fight Kierrok and his minions and they are only banished when Storm destroys the cairn. Uncanny X-Men 96 12.75
Jean Grey re-joins the X-Men Uncanny X-Men 97 2.76
Lorna Dane begins calling herself Polaris for the first time. Uncanny X-Men 97 2.76
After suffering a series of intense psychokinetic nightmares, Charles Xavier takes a vacation with Peter Corbeau. Uncanny X-Men 97 2.76
Eric the Red mind-controls Alex Summers and Lorna Dane and has them attack the X-Men at J.F.K. International Airport. After the fight, he brings them both to the Shi'ar. Uncanny X-Men 97 2.76
Moira MacTaggert comes to the United States to become a member of Charles Xavier's staff. Uncanny X-Men 96 12.75
USAF officer Michael Rossi discovers Steven Lang's Project: Armageddon and threatens to expose his plot to use Sentinels to exterminate mutants. Lang tries to have him killed. Uncanny X-Men 96 12.75


Event Source Date
Magneto establishes Asteroid M. A group of religious followers dubbed the Acolytes decide to follow his lead and become his enforcers and engage the X-Men. X-Men Vol 2 1 10.91
Magneto learns that Moira MacTaggert previously altered his genetic code, altering his moral barometer. He abducts Moira and Charles Xavier and brings them to Asteroid M. X-Men Vol 2 2 11.91
The X-Men blue team fight the Acolytes on Asteroid M and are soundly defeated. X-Men Vol 2 2 11.91
The Soviets and S.H.I.E.L.D. fire an energy cannon at Asteroid M in an effort to take out Magneto. X-Men Vol 2 2 11.91

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