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Highgate Cemetery

Highgate cemetery was a temporary sanctuary used by the vampire Dracula in the mid 1970s. (Tomb of Dracula 16)

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Horrobin was a scientist who worked alongside another man named Doctor Poole. He set up shop inside of a cavern in the side of a hill in the village of Thursdyke in England. Professor Horrobin sought to awaken the "God-Kings" of the Earth. To this end, he bathed the entire village in microwave radiation that matched the frequency of the brain wave patterns of the people who lived there. This resulted in villagers succumbing to their more base and impulsive instincts, many of which included acts of violence. By doing so, Horrobin believed that by unlocking subconscious impulses, he was setting the people of Thursdyke free. (Hellblazer 25)