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Hoppy 003
Hey, kids! I eat my young!
Name Brian
Gender Male
Age None o'yer damn biddness!
Birthday August 25th
Favorite films Star Wars; Star Trek; Re-Animator; Terminator
Favorite programs Farscape; Firefly; Stargate SG-1; Battlestar Galactica (original); V (original)
Favorite books Frankenstein
Favorite characters Malcolm Reynolds; John Crichton; Samantha Carter; Qui-Gon Jinn; Bossk; Herbert West


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Executive producer: Irwin Allen

Produced by
Jerry Briskin

Directed by
Nathan Juran

Written by
Gilbert Ralston, William Welch & Anthony Wilson

Associate Producer - Jerry Briskin
Story editor - Richard P. McDonagh
Music supervision - Lionel Newman
Theme - John Williams
Production supervisor - Jack Sonntag
Production associate - Hal Herman
Unit production manager - Ted Butcher
Director of photography - Howard Schwartz, A.S.C.
Post production supervisor - George E. Swink
Art directors: Jack Martin Smith; Stan Jolley
Set decoration: Walter M. Scott; Norman Rockett

Assistant to the producer - Paul Zastupnevich
Film editor - James Baiotto
Special photographic effects - L.B. Abbott, A.S.C.; Art Cruickshank; Emil Kosa, Jr.
Production coordinator - Les Warner
Supervising sound editor - Don Hall, Jr.
Sound effects editor - Robert Cornett
Color by DeLuxe
Assistant director - Eli Dunn
Supervising music editor - Leonard A. Engel
Music editor - George Probert
In charge of production - William Self

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