"Greetings, X-Men. I am Sebastian Shaw. I advise you to surrender... or you will be hurt."
Sebastian Shaw
"And Hellfire Is Their Name!"
Uncanny X-Men 132
Uncanny X-Men
Title: "And Hellfire Is Their Name!"
Storyline: "The Dark Phoenix Saga"
Volume: 1
Number: 132
Cover price: .40
Cover date: April, 1980
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Writers: Chris Claremont; John Byrne
Pencilers: John Byrne
Inkers: Terry Austin
Cover artists: John Byrne
Cover inker: Terry Austin
Colorists: Glynis Wein
Letterers: Tom Orzechowski
Assistant editors: Bob Budiansky
Editors: Jim Salicrup
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"And Hellfire Is Their Name!" is the 132nd issue of the first Uncanny X-Men ongoing comic book series. The issue was written by Chris Claremont with pencil work by John Byrne and inks by Terry Austin. Byrne and Austin also composed the cover illustration artwork. Coloring was provided by Glynis Wein and lettering was by Tom Orzechowski. The issue was edited by Bob Budiansky and Jim Salicrup. It shipped with an April, 1980 cover date. This issue is part of "The Dark Phoenix Saga" storyline.

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The ranks of the Hellfire Club members are as follows:

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  • Sebastian Shaw: To the Hellfire Club — and our Black Queen — long may she reign.
  • Wolverine: Ok, suckers — youve taken yer best shot! Now it's my turn!

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