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Continuity: Defiance
Notability: Recurring character
Gender: Male
Race: Irathient
Location: Defiance, Missouri
Status: Formerly deceased
First: "Pilot (Part 1)"
Actor: Noah Danby

Sukar is a fictional alien and a recurring character on the Syfy channel science fiction series Defiance. Played by actor Noah Danby, he was first introduced in the two-part pilot episode of the series.


Sukar was a large, mustached Irathient and the leader of the Spirit Riders. He was the foster father of the scarred Irathient female, Rynn Grisu, whom he took in after her parents were murdered as a child.

Sukar led his group on a foraging expedition through the Badlands, scouting for Arkfalls, where they came upon Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira. During the ensuing conflict, Irisa stabbed him in the leg. [1]

When the Volge began marching towards Defiance with the intent of destroying them, Irisa recruited the Spirit Riders to come and help them. As much as they hated humans, they hated the Volge even more. Sukar and the others helped the people of Defiance repel the enemy invasion. [2]

Sukar later had a tense meeting with the city-state's mayor, Amanda Rosewater. He remembered the slaughter of the Irathient population of Defiance from a years prior, and promised that he would contribute a donation of soil to the Mayor's cultural collection - soil soaked in Irathient blood.

Sukar encountered Irisa again and was impressed with the young girl's ferocity, even giving her the nickname "Little Wolf". He discovered that Irisa had the gift of second sight, which he held in high regard. Sukar had Irisa undergo an Irathient blood ritual to help her bring focus to her visions and to determine their meaning. From this, they were able to determine that another of the Spirit Riders, Rynn, had killed two men in Defiance - Dalton Taggart and Boyd Bowen. Dalton and Boyd were responsible for the murder of Rynn's parents when she was a child.

Along with Irisa, Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan and Deputy Tommy LaSalle, Sukar tracked Rynn down to a mine shaft where she had been using Hellbug pheromones to bait the dangerous giant insects into brutally killing Dalton and Boyd. While trying to stop her, Sukar took a shot to the abdomen. He later forgave her, but admonished her for her poor aim, citing that he had taught her to shoot better than that. [3]

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