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Star Trek
Star Trek (2009).jpg
Title: Star Trek
Directed by: J.J. Abrams
Written by: Roberto Orci; Alex Kurtzman
Produced by: Roberto Orci; Alex Kurtzman; Jeffrey Chernov; Bryan Burk; J.J. Abrams; David Baronoff; Damon Lindelof; David Witz
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Cinematography: Dan Mindel
Edited by: Maryann Brandon; Mary Jo Markey
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures; Spyglass Entertainment; Bad Robot
Released: May 8th, 2009
Rating: PG-13
Running time: 127 min. (2 hrs. 6 min.)
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $140,000,000 (estimated) [1]
Gross: $385,494,555 (worldwide) [2]
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Star Trek is an American science fiction film directed by J.J. Abrams. It was produced by Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Abrams' production company, Bad Robot. It was released theatrically in the United States on May 8th, 2009. Star Trek is the eleventh film in the evergoing Star Trek feature film franchise and the only one to go by the name of simply Star Trek. Though marketed as a re-imagining or remake, the setting of Star Trek actually takes place in an alternate timeline from that of the remainder of the franchise. The common element between the two timelines is the character of Spock, played one final time by actor Leonard Nimoy, who travels into his own past in pursuit of a Romulan vessel intent on avenging itself for transgressions that took place in the future. All of the original characters from the first Star Trek television series are re-introduced in this alternate timeline with the focus centering on that of young James T. Kirk and his rise from cadet to captain of the USS Enterprise. This iteration of James Kirk is played by actor Chris Pine, while the younger Spock is played by Zachary Quinto. New Zealander Karl Urban takes on the role of Doctor Leonard McCoy while British actor Simon Pegg assumes the part of engineer Montgomery Scott. The role of Ensign Sulu is played by Harold & Kumar star John Cho and Avatar 's Zoë Saldana takes on the part of Communications Officer Nyota Uhura. Finishing out the main cast is Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov. Supporting characters include Bruce Greenwood as Captain Christopher Pike and Ben Cross as Spock's father, Sarek. On March 30th, 2009, more than three months before the release of Star Trek, Paramount Pictures announced that a sequel film would be produced with a tentative release date of Summer, 2012.


In 2233, the Federation starship USS Kelvin is investigating a "lightning storm" in space. The Romulan ship Narada emerges from the singularity and attacks the Kelvin. Narada's first officer, Ayel (Clifton Collins Jr.), demands that Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) come aboard to discuss a cease fire. Narada's commander Nero (Eric Bana) kills Robau before resuming the assault on the Kelvin. George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) orders the ship's personnel evacuated via shuttlecraft, including his pregnant wife, Winona (Jennifer Morrison). Kirk sacrifices himself by steering the Kelvin on a collision course. Winona and George agree to name their newborn son Jim moments before the collision.

Several years later, Spock (Jacob Kogan), growing up on the planet Vulcan, is discriminated against for being half-human. As an adult (Zachary Quinto), he decides to join Starfleet. On Earth, James Kirk (Chris Pine) has become a reckless but intelligent young man. After a bar fight involving Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Kirk meets Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood), who challenges him to emulate his father's heroism and join Starfleet.

Three years later, Spock accuses Kirk of cheating during the Kobayashi Maru simulation. The disciplinary hearing is interrupted when Starfleet receives a distress signal from Vulcan. With the primary fleet out of range, cadets are mobilized to crew awaiting ships in orbit. Leonard McCoy (Karl Urban) and Kirk board Pike's command, Enterprise. Realizing that the lightning storm observed by Vulcan is similar to the one on the day of his birth, Kirk convinces Pike to stop and evade a trap. The Enterprise arrives at Vulcan to find the rest of the fleet destroyed and the Narada drilling into Vulcan's core. After the Enterprise is attacked by the Narada, Pike surrenders, giving Spock command of the ship and promoting Kirk to first officer.

Kirk and Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) perform a space jump[12][13] onto the drilling platform, disabling it. However, it has drilled deep enough for Nero to launch "red matter" into the core, creating an artificial black hole. Most of Vulcan's population is killed as the black hole consumes the planet, including Spock's mother (Winona Ryder). Nero tortures Pike to gain access to Earth's perimeter defenses.

Kirk is marooned on Delta Vega for mutiny after arguing against Spock's orders. Kirk encounters Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy), who explains that he and Nero are from the future; 129 years in the future, the galaxy is threatened by a volatile supernova. Spock intended to use red matter to create a black hole to stop it, but the supernova's nebula destroyed the planet Romulus before he could act. Nero attacked Spock's vessel with Narada, and both were caught in the event horizon of the black hole, sending them back in time. Nero captured Spock and stranded him on Delta Vega to watch Vulcan's destruction.

Spock and Kirk walk to a nearby Starfleet outpost where they meet Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg), who beams onto the Enterprise with Kirk. Following Ambassador Spock's advice, Kirk confronts Spock and forces him to acknowledge that Spock is emotionally compromised and give command to Kirk. Kirk and Spock beam aboard the Narada; Kirk rescues Pike while Spock uses Ambassador Spock's ship to destroy the drill. Spock leads the Narada away from Earth and the Enterprise arrives and beams Kirk, Pike, and Spock away. Spock's ship and the Narada collide, igniting the red matter and creating a black hole that destroys the Narada and almost claims the Enterprise.

On Earth, Kirk is promoted to the rank of captain and given command of the Enterprise while Captain Pike is promoted to rear admiral. Spock encounters his older self in a hangar; Ambassador Spock has selected a planet to colonize for the surviving Vulcans. He dissuades his younger self from resigning from Starfleet to help his species, encouraging him to do what feels right, instead of what is logical. Spock remains in Starfleet and becomes first officer under Kirk's command. The flim ends with the Enterprise going to warp as Ambassador Spock narrates the "where no man has gone before" monologue.


Actor Role
Chris Pine James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto Mister Spock
Leonard Nimoy Spock Prime
Eric Bana Nero
Bruce Greenwood Christopher Pike
Karl Urban Leonard McCoy
Zoë Saldana Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg Montgomery Scott
John Cho Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin Pavel Chekov
Ben Cross Sarek
Winona Ryder Amanda Grayson
Chris Hemsworth George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison Winona Kirk
Rachel Nichols Gaila
Faran Tahir Captain Richard Robau
Clifton Collins, Jr. Ayel
Antonio Elias Officer Pitts
Sean Gerace Tactical Officer
Randy Pausch Kelvin engineer
Tim Griffin Kelvin engineer
Freda Foh Shen Kelvin helmsman
Katarzyna Kowalczyk Kelvin alien
Jason Brooks Romulan helmsman
Sonita Henry Kelvin doctor
Kelvin Yu Medical technician
Marta Martin Medical technician
Tavarus Conley Kelvin crew member
Jeff Castle Kelvin crew member
Billy Brown Med Evac Pilot
Jimmy Bennett Young James T. Kirk
Greg Grunberg Kirk's Stepfather
Spencer Daniels Johnny
Jeremy Fitzgerald Iowa cop
Zoe Chernov Vulcan student
Max Chernov Vulcan student
Jacob Kogan Young Spock
James Henrie Vulcan bully
Colby Paul Vulcan bully
Cody Klop Vulcan bully
Akiva Goldsman Vulcan council member #1
Anna Katarina Vulcan council member #2
Douglas Tait Long face bar alien
Tony Guma Lew, the bartender
Gerald W. Abrams Barfly
James McGrath, Jr. Barfly
Jason Matthew Smith Burly cadet
Marcus Young Burly cadet
Jason Matthew Smith Burly cadet
Bob Clendenin Shipyard worker
Darlena Tejeiro Flight officer
Reggie Lee Test administrator
Jeffrey Byron Test administrator
Jonathan Dixon Simulator tactical officer
Tyler Perry Admiral Richard Barnett
Ben Binswagner Admiral James Komack
Margot Farley College Council stenographer
Paul McGillion Barracks leader
Lisa Vidal Barracks officer
Alex Nevil Shuttle officer
Kimberly Arland Cadet alien
Sufe M. Bradshadw Cadet alien
Charlie Haugk Enterprise crew member
Nana Hill Enterprise crew member
Michael Saglimbeni Enterprise crew member
John Blackman Enterprise crew member
Jack Millard Enterprise crew member
Shaela Luter Enterprise crew member
Sabrina Morris Enterprise crew member
Michelle Parylak Enterprise crew member
Oz Perkins Enterprise Communications Officer
Amanda Foreman Hannity
Michael Berry, Jr. Romulan Tactical Officer
Lucia Rijker Romulan Communications Officer
Pasha D. Lychnikoff Romulan Commander
Matthew Beisner Romulan crew member
Neville Page Romulan crew member
Greg Ellis Chief Engineer Olson
Marlene Forte Transporter Chief
Leonard O. Turner Vulcan elder
Mark Bramhall Vulcan elder
Ronald F. Hoiseck Vulcan elder
Irene Roseen Vulcan elder
Actor Role
Jeff O'Haco Vulcan elder
Scottie Thompson Nero's wife
Deep Roy Keenser
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Computer voice
Victor Garber Klingon interrogator
Rico E. Anderson Captain Kelley Bogel
Richard Arnold Romulan science tech
Leslie Augustine Doctor
Jonathan Baca Starfleet cadet
Sala Baker Drill Tower Romulan
Leo Baligaya Starfleet cadet
Corey Becker Starfleet cadet
Neil S. Bulk Starfleet cadet
James Cawley Enterprise crew member
Brad Champagne Starfleet cadet
Zachary Culbertson Starfleet cadet
Calvin Dean Security officer Daniels
Christopher Doohan Starfleet officer
Claire Doré Enterprise crew member
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Klingon prisoner
Ken Edling Doctor
Aliza Finley Hurried cadet with clipboard
Ian Fisher Shipyard worker
Matthew Thomas Foss Starfleet cadet
Massi Furlan Missile launcher
Tommy Germanovich, Jr. FourSquare
Mary Grace Shipyard bar patron
Wyatt Gray Starfleet cadet
Joshua Greene Child running in snow
Nancy Guerriero Crew member
Justin Rodgers Hall Starfleet Security Officer
Jeffrey Hauser Kelvin crew member
Elizabeth Ingalls Enterprise nurse
Christopher Karl Johnson Shipyard worker
Jolene Kay Enterprise crew member
Sarah Klaren Starfleet cadet
Bryan Lee Starfleet cadet
Daniel D. Lee Starfleet commander
Anne Leighton Enterprise crew member
Anne Lockhart Kelvin computer
Steve Luna Lieutenant Starfleet Command
Aaron Lynch Flight safety conductor
Justin Malachi Starfleet cadet
Nav Mann Romulan crew member placing bomb
Paul Marshall Bar patron
Owen Martin Alien cadet/Enterprise crew
Taylor McCluskey Kelvin alien
Matthew McGregor Starfleet cadet
Jessica Mika Bridgeport cadet
Patrizia Milano Councilwoman
Victor Morrison Soldier Joe
Kevin Moser Enterprise crewman
Jonathan W.D. Newkerk Starfleet cadet
Westley Nguyen Enterprise crew member
Jim Nieb Sal
Andres Perez-Molina Romulan crew member
Mark Phelan Romulan
Damion Poitier Drill Hanson #1
Rahvaunia Academy teacher
Bertrand Roberson, Jr. Shuttle cadet
Deborah Rombaut Starfleet cadet
Leonard Jonathan Ruebe Starfleet cadet
Ramona Seymour Starfleet cadet
William Morgan Sheppard Vulcan Science Minister
Katie Soo Enterprise crew member
Arne Starr Lieutenant Commander; Engineering
Ronnie Steadman Shuttle pilot
Joseph Stephens, Jr. Cadet officer
T.J. Storm Klingon agitator
Paul Townsend Starfleet security officer
Errik Tustenuggee Captain Cartwright
Ravi Valleti Cadet at trial
Jason Vaughn Starfleet cadet
A.J. Verel Enterprise crewman
Brian Waller Vulcan Council Member
Steve Wharton Starfleet cadet
Wil Wheaton Romulan voice
Briann Womick Starfleet cadet
Lynnanne Zager Enterprise computer

Notes & Trivia

References to the original Star Trek

There are several references to the original Star Trek franchise peppered throughout the film courtesy of screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

  • Inside Scotty's research outpost on Delta-Vega, the distinctive trilling sounds of a tribble can be heard. A tribble can also be seen amongst the mileiu of his work station.
  • The Kobayashi Maru cadet training exercise was first seen in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The film makes reference to Kirk's unethical solution towards besting the program's "No win scenario", which is demonstrated more fully in Star Trek.


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