"Captain's log, Supplemental. We have arranged to get the strobolin needed to save Mr. Spock's life. The starship Potemkin has already picked up the drug and will transfer it to a freighter, the SS Huron for delivery to the Enterprise."
Captain James T. Kirk
"The Pirates of Orion"
Series Star Trek: The Animated Series
Season 2, Episode 1
Star Trek TAS 2x01 002
Air date September 7th, 1974
Writers Howard Weinstein
Director Hal Sutherland
Producers Norm Prescott; Lou Scheimer; D.C. Fontana
Starring William Shatner; Leonard Nimoy; DeForest Kelley
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"The Pirates of Orion" is the first episode of season two of Star Trek: The Animated Series and is the 97th episode released of all programs combined. The episode was directed by Hal Sutherland with a teleplay written by Howard Weinstein. The series was produced by Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer of Filmation Associates with Star Trek regular D.C. Fontana serving as associate producer. The episode stars original cast members William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley reprising their classic roles as Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and Bones. It first aired on NBC on September 7th, 1974.

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Actor Role
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Mister Spock
DeForest Kelley Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
George Takei Ensign Hikaru Sulu/Huron lieutenant
Nichelle Nichols Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
Majel Barrett Nurse Christine Chapel/Library computer/Huron lieutenant
James Doohan Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott/O'Shea/Arex/Orion captain/Orion ensign

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