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"Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation crew.jpg
Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: Syndication
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 176
Production company: Paramount Television
Executive producers: Gene Roddenberry; Rick Berman; Michael Piller; Michael I. Wagner; Maurice Hurley
Producers: D.C. Fontana; Brannon Braga; Peter Lauritson; David Livingston; Ronald D. Moore; Herbert Wright; Ira Steven Behr
Principal cast: Patrick Stewart; Jonathan Frakes; Brent Spiner; Marina Sirtis; Michael Dorn; Gates McFadden; LeVar Burton; Wil Wheaton; Denise Crosby
Air dates
First aired: September 26th, 1987
Last aired: May 23rd, 1994

Star Trek: The Next Generation is an American science fiction television series that aired in syndication for seven seasons from September of 1987 to May of 1994. Created by the late Gene Roddenberry, it is the second spin-off series of the original 1966 Star Trek following the Star Trek animated series. The show was produced by Paramount Television, a division of Paramount Pictures, and developed by Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Michael I. Wagner and Maurice "Mo" Hurley.

New crew

The series takes place some seventy years after the adventures of the crew of the original USS Enterprise and introduces a brand new cast of characters as well as a new flagship, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Commanding the Enterprise is seasoned captain Jean-Luc Picard. His support staff consists of his first officer William T. Riker, the android helmsman Data, tactical officer Tasha Yar, chief engineer Geordi LaForge, medical officer Beverly Crusher, ship's counselor Deanna Troi and Starfleet's first Klingon officer, Lieutenant Worf. Tasha Yar only appeared in season one and the character was killed off in the episode "Skin of Evil". Wil Wheaton’s character, Wesley Crusher, was a regular cast member in seasons 1-4, but left the series, though he did return for several follow-up episodes as well as playing a parallel universe counterpart to himself. The rest of the cast remained on the series for all seven seasons.

New races

The series resurrected several familiar alien races from the previous shows and films, including the Klingons, the Vulcans, the Romulans and the Andorians, but also expanded the Star Trek universe with a bevy of new and often threatening alien beings. Chief among them were the Q, a race of all-powerful cosmic entities that had been guiding the course of humanity for eons. The Q (generally taking the form of actor John de Lancie) placed the crew of the Enterprise through numerous trials to see whether the human race had the potential to evolve beyond their current social and cultural norms. De Lancie's Q proved to be an extremely pivotal character and played an important part in both the pilot and series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Q's popularity was matched only by that of the Borg, a cybernetic hive-mind race who assimilated human beings into their collective. The Borg appeared in several episodes of the series and their presence had dire consequences for the ship's captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Borg were also the central antagonists in the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact.

Star Trek: The Next Generation also introduced the Cardassians, the Bajorans and the Ferengi. The Ferengi were an interstellar race whose entire culture was based on commerce and the proliferation of free enterprise. Though not an aggressive species, their collective greed has put them on the crosshairs of the Federation on several occasions. The Cardassians however, were a ruthless war-like race who waged an eternal struggle against the Bajorans, a humanoid race who became key players in intergalactic affairs due to their claim over the Bajoran wormhole. Though all three races were featured only minimally in Star Trek: The Next Generation, they became major figures in the third spin-off series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Season One

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Encounter at Farpoint September 26th, 1987
1x2 The Naked Now October 3rd, 1987
1x3 Code of Honor October 10th, 1987
1x4 The Last Outpost October 17th, 1987
1x5 Where No One Has Gone Before October 24th, 1987
1x6 Lonely Among Us October 31st, 1987
1x7 Justice November 7th, 1987
1x8 The Battle November 14th, 1987
1x9 Hide and Q November 21st, 1987
1x10 Haven November 28th, 1987
1x11 The Big Goodbye January 9th, 1988
1x12 Datalore January 16th, 1988
1x13 Angel One January 23rd, 1988
1x14 11001001 January 30th, 1988
1x15 Too Short a Season February 6th, 1988
1x16 When the Bough Breaks February 13th, 1988
1x17 Home Soil February 20th, 1988
1x18 Coming of Age March 12th, 1988
1x19 Heart of Glory March 19th, 1988
1x20 The Arsenal of Freedom April 9th, 1988
1x21 Symbiosis April 16th, 1988
1x22 Skin of Evil April 23rd, 1988
1x23 We'll Always Have Paris April 30th, 1988
1x24 Conspiracy May 7th, 1988
1x25 The Neutral Zone May 14th, 1988

Season Two

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 The Child November 19th, 1988
2x2 Where Silence Has Lease November 26th, 1988
2x3 Elementary, Dear Data December 3rd, 1988
2x4 The Outrageous Okona December 10th, 1988
2x5 Loud as a Whisper January 7th, 1989
2x6 The Schizoid Man January 21st, 1989
2x7 Unnatural Selection January 28th, 1989
2x8 A Matter of Honor February 4th, 1989
2x9 The Measure of a Man February 11th, 1989
2x10 The Dauphin February 18th, 1989
2x11 Contagion March 18th, 1989
2x12 The Royale March 25th, 1989
2x13 Time Squared April 1st, 1989
2x14 The Icarus Factor April 22nd, 1989
2x15 Pen Pals April 29th, 1989
2x16 Q Who? May 6th, 1989
2x17 Samaritan Snare May 13th, 1989
2x18 Up the Long Ladder May 20th, 1989
2x19 Manhunt June 16th, 1989
2x20 The Emissary June 24th, 1989
2x21 Peak Performance July 8th, 1989
2x22 Shades of Gray July 15th, 1989

Season Three

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Evolution September 23rd, 1989
3x2 The Ensigns of Command September 30th, 1989
3x3 The Survivors October 7th, 1989
3x4 Who Watches the Watchers October 14th, 1989
3x5 The Bonding October 21st, 1989
3x6 The Booby Trap October 28th, 1989
3x7 The Enemy November 4th, 1989
3x8 The Price November 11th, 1989
3x9 The Vengeance Factor November 18th, 1989
3x10 The Defector December 30th, 1989
3x11 The Hunted January 6th, 1990
3x12 The High Ground January 27th, 1990
3x13 Déjà Q February 3rd, 1990
3x14 A Matter of Perspective February 10th, 1990
3x15 Yesterday's Enterprise February 17th, 1990
3x16 The Offspring March 10th, 1990
3x17 Sins of the Father March 17th, 1990
3x18 Allegiance March 24th, 1990
3x19 Captain's Holiday March 31st, 1990
3x20 Tin Man April 21st, 1990
3x21 Hollow Pursuits April 28th, 1990
3x22 The Most Toys May 5th, 1990
3x23 Sarek May 12th, 1990
3x24 Ménage à Troi May 26thv
3x25 Transfigurations June 2nd, 1990
3x26 The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1) June 16th, 1990

Season Four

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2) September 22nd, 1990
4x2 Family September 29th, 1990
4x3 Brothers October 6th, 1990
4x4 Suddenly Human October 13th, 1990
4x5 Remember Me October 20th, 1990
4x6 Legacy October 27th, 1990
4x7 Reunion November 3rd, 1990
4x8 Future Imperfect November 10th, 1990
4x9 Final Mission November 17th, 1990
4x10 The Loss December 20th, 1990
4x11 Data's Day January 5th, 1991
4x12 The Wounded January 26th, 1991
4x13 Devil's Due February 2nd, 1991
4x14 Clues February 9th, 1991
4x15 First Contact February 16th, 1991
4x16 Galaxy's Child March 9th, 1991
4x17 Night Terrors March 16th, 1991
4x18 Identity Crisis March 23rd, 1991
4x19 The Nth Degree March 30th, 1991
4x20 Qpid April 20th, 1991
4x21 The Drumhead April 27th, 1991
4x22 Half a Life May 4th, 1991
4x23 The Host May 11th, 1991
4x24 The Mind's Eye May 25th, 1991
4x25 In Theory June 1st, 1991
4x26 Redemption (Part 1) June 15th, 1991

Season Five

Episode Title Airdate
5x1 Redemption (Part 2) September 21st, 1991
5x2 Darmok September 28th, 1991
5x3 Ensign Ro October 5th, 1991
5x4 Silicon Avatar October 12th, 1991
5x5 Disaster October 19th, 1991
5x6 The Game October 26th, 1991
5x7 Unification (Part 1) November 2nd, 1991
5x8 Unification (Part 2) November 9th, 1991
5x9 A Matter of Time November 16th, 1991
5x10 New Ground January 4th, 1992
5x11 Hero Worship January 25th, 1992
5x12 Violations February 1st, 1992
5x13 The Masterpiece Society February 8th, 1992
5x14 Conundrum February 15th, 1992
5x15 Power Play February 22nd, 1992
5x16 Ethics February 29th, 1992
5x17 The Outcast March 14th, 1992
5x18 Cause and Effect March 21st, 1992
5x19 The First Duty March 28th, 1992
5x20 Cost of Living April 18th, 1992
5x21 The Perfect Mate April 25th, 1992
5x22 Imaginary Friend May 2nd, 1992
5x23 I, Borg May 9th, 1992
5x24 The Next Phase May 16th, 1992
5x25 The Inner Light May 30th, 1992
5x26 Time's Arrow (Part 1) June 13th, 1992

Season Six

Episode Title Airdate
6x1 Time's Arrow (Part 2) September 19th, 1992
6x2 Realm of Fear September 26th, 1992
6x3 Man of the People October 3rd, 1992
6x4 Relics October 10th, 1992
6x5 Schisms October 17th, 1992
6x6 True Q October 24th, 1992
6x7 Rascals October 30th, 1992
6x8 A Fistful of Datas November 7th, 1992
6x9 The Quality of Life November 14th, 1992
6x10 Chain of Command (Part 1) December 12th, 1992
6x11 Chain of Command (Part 2) December 19th, 1992
6x12 Ship in a Bottle January 23rd, 1993
6x13 Aquiel January 30th, 1993
6x14 Face of the Enemy February 6th, 1993
6x15 Tapestry February 13th, 1993
6x16 Birthright (Part 1) February 20th, 1993
6x17 Birthright (Part 2) February 27th, 1993
6x18 Starship Mine March 27th, 1993
6x19 Lessons April 3rd, 1993
6x20 The Chase April 24th, 1993
6x21 Frame of Mind May 1st, 1993
6x22 Suspicions May 8th, 1993
6x23 Rightful Heir May 15th, 1993
6x24 Second Chances May 22nd, 1993
6x25 Timescape June 12th, 1993
6x26 Descent (Part 1) June 19th, 1993

Season Seven

Episode Title Airdate
7x1 Descent (Part 2) September 18th, 1993
7x2 Liaisons September 25th, 1993
7x3 Interface October 2nd, 1993
7x4 Gambit (Part 1) October 9th, 1993
7x5 Gambit (Part 2) October 16th, 1993
7x6 Phantasms October 23rd, 1993
7x7 Dark Page October 30th, 1993
7x8 Attached November 6th, 1993
7x9 Force of Nature November 13th, 1993
7x10 Inheritance November 20th, 1993
7x11 Parallels November 27th, 1993
7x12 The Pegasus January 8th, 1994
7x13 Homeward January 15th, 1994
7x14 Sub Rosa January 29th, 1994
7x15 Lower Decks February 5th, 1994
7x16 Thine Own Self February 12th, 1994
7x17 Masks February 19th, 1994
7x18 Eye of the Beholder February 26th, 1994
7x19 Genesis March 19th, 1994
7x20 Journey's End March 26th, 1994
7x21 Firstborn April 23rd, 1994
7x22 Bloodlines April 30th, 1994
7x23 Emergence May 7th, 1994
7x24 Preemptive Strike May 14th, 1994
7x25 All Good Things... May 21st, 1994

Two-part episodes


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Image Title Description
Star Trek - Generations.jpg
Star Trek: Generations (1994) Captain Kirk is believed to be killed in an accident aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B, but is in fact, transported to an inter-dimensional reality known as the Nexus. Seventy-eight years later, the crew of the Enterprise-D discover that an El-Aurian named Soran is willing to destroy a star system just to join with the Nexus. Captain Picard finds himself teaming up with Captain Kirk in their efforts to foil Soran's mad schemes.
Star Trek - First Contact.jpg
Star Trek: First Contact (1996) After having failed in their first attempt to assimilate Humanity, the Borg try again. They travel back in time, to the time of Zefram Cochrane, Human history's inventor of warp drive, with the objective of preventing him from conducting Humanity's first warp flight, the event which directly leads to Humanity's technological development to a level capable of resisting them. Captain Picard and his crew, of the new USS Enterprise-E, must follow them back and ensure that this does not happen.
Star Trek - Insurrection.jpg
Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) As the Dominion War ravages the Alpha Quadrant, an idyllic planet in the middle of an unstable region within Federation space serves as home to the peaceful Ba'ku – and a veritable fountain of youth. When the Son'a and the war-torn Federation plan to exploit the planet in order to rejuvenate themselves, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise-E must rebel against their own people in order to save the Ba'ku and expose the atrocities that are about to take place.
Star Trek - Nemesis.jpg
Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise-E become involved when the Romulan Empire's new leader, Praetor Shinzon, makes overtures for peace with the Federation. Surprisingly, Shinzon is not from Romulus, but from Remus, a native of the darkness-shrouded twin world of Romulus. But he is not even a normal Reman at that. Picard faces a new, very personal enemy, and the Enterprise-E is tasked with preventing a costly re-ignition of war between the Empire and the Federation.

Notes & Trivia

  • All episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation have been made available on VHS and DVD.
  • The series has also been referred to as TNG and NextGen by the fan community.


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