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"There's something to be said for a good, old-fashioned flogging."
Captain Maximilian Forrest
"In a Mirror, Darkly (Part 1)"
Series Star Trek: Enterprise
Season 4, Episode 18
ENT 4x18 002
Air date April 22nd, 2005
Writers Michael Sussman [1]
Director james L. Conway
Producers Rick Berman; André Bormanis; Brannon Braga; Manny Coto; J.P. Farrell; Merri D. Howard; Peter Lauritson; Garfield Reeves-Stevens; Judith Reeves-Stevens; Mike Sussman; Dawn Velazquez; Stephen Welke; Brad Yacobian
Starring Scott Bakula; John Billingsley; Jolene Blalock; Dominic Keating; Anthony Montgomery; Linda Park; Connor Trinneer
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"In a Mirror, Darkly (Part 2)"

"In a Mirror, Darkly (Part 1)" is the first chapter of the two-part "In a Mirror, Darkly" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. It is the eighteenth episode of season four and the 93rd episode of the series overall. It is the 722nd episode of all Star Trek programs combined. This episode was directed by James L. Conway and written by Mike Sussman. It first aired on the UPN Network on Friday, April 22nd, 2005. All of the regularly billed cast members appear in this episode playing their standard characters, but also play Mirror Universe counterparts to their characters as well.

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Scott Bakula Commander Jonathan Archer
John Billingsley Doctor Phlox
Jolene Blalock Lieutenant Commander T'Pol
Dominic Keating Major Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery Sergeant Travis Mayweather
Linda Park Lieutenant/Empress Hoshi Sato
Connor Trinneer Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Vaughn Armstrong Captain Maximilian Forrest
Franc Ross Grizzled man
Caroline Bielskis Montana Earth woman
Derek Magyer Commander Kelby
Mark Correy Engineer Alex
Noelle Hannibal Vulcan officer
James McElroy Mirror Universe MACO
Paul Sklar Corporal R. Richards

Archival cast Edit

The following cast members appear in this episode courtesy of footage taken from Star Trek: First Contact.

Actor Role
James Cromwell Zefram Cochrane
Cully Frederickson Vulcan captain
Tamara Lee Krinsky Townsperson

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is production code number: 40358-94.
  • Actor Mark Correy is uncredited for his participation in this episode.
  • Actor Glen Hambly is uncredited for his participation in this episode.
  • Actress Noelle Hannibal is uncredited for her participation in this episode.
  • Actor James McElroy is uncredited for his participation in this episode.
  • Actor Paul Sklar is uncredited for his participation in this episode.

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Bloopers Edit

  • After Archer and Mayweather come to the bridge and T'Pol says "Contact security", she's shown turning twice when the shooting takes place. [2]

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  • Commander Tucker: You don’t want to end up like me, do you? I've absorbed enough delta rays to guarantee my grandchildren glow in the dark.

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