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"Gul Dukat and I have arrived on Cardassia Prime. I'm about to do something which goes against twenty years of Starfleet training: help an enemy hunt down one of our own ships."
Commander Benjamin Sisko
Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season 3, Episode 9
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine 3x09 001
Air date November 21st, 1994
Writers Ronald D. Moore
Director Cliff Bole
Producers Rick Berman; Michael Piller; René Echevarria; Peter Lauritson; Steve Oster
Starring Avery Brooks; Rene Auberjonois; Siddig El Fadil; Terry Farrell; Cirroc Lofton; Colm Meaney; Armin Shimerman; Nana Visitor
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"Defiant" is the ninth episode of season three of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It is the 54th episode of the series overall and originally aired in syndication on November 21st, 1994. The episode was directed by Cliff Bole and written by Ronald D. Moore. In this episode, Thomas Riker, a duplicate of William T. Riker via a transporter accident, sneaks aboard Deep Space Nine and steals the newly commissioned Defiant. With Major Kira Nerys as his unwilling passenger, Thomas takes the Defiant to the Orias system, deep in Cardassian space, where the Maquis believe that the Cardassians are building a fleet of warships.

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Avery Brooks Commander Benjamin Sisko
Rene Auberjonois Constable Odo
Terry Farrell Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
Siddig El Fadil Doctor Julian Bashir
Cirroc Lofton Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney Chief Miles O'Brien
Armin Shimerman Quark
Nana Visitor Major Kira Nerys

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Jonathan Frakes Lieutenant Thomas Riker
Marc Alaimo Gul Dukat
Tricia O'Neil Korinas
Shannon Cochran Kalita
Robert Kerbeck Cardassian soldier
Michael Canavan Tamal
Majel Barrett Computer voice
Brian Demonbreun Starfleet science officer

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Stardate 48467.3.
  • Production code number 455.
  • The events from this episode take place in the year 2371.
  • Brian Demonbreun is uncredited in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Major Kira Nerys: I don't care who you are or what your name is!
  • Thomas Riker: Look, I'm sorry I lied to you and about using you. But it was an operational necessity. You were a resistance fighter. You know sometimes you have to do things that you're not proud of in order to accomplish the mission.
  • Major Kira Nerys: Well, you've accomplished your mission, so now what? Everyone's going to be looking for you: The Cardassians and Starfleet. How far do you think you're going to get?
  • Thomas Riker: A lot farther than anyone anticipates.


  • Major Kira Nerys: If you make a run for it, that ship out there is going to see our neutrino signature go through a phase shift and then they're going to call their nine friends and you're going to have a small fleet chasing you all the way to Orias.
  • Thomas Riker: They can chase me all they want... as long as they don't catch me.


  • Thomas Riker: Maybe we're just different kinds of terrorists.
  • Major Kira Nerys: No, you're trying to be a hero... and terrorists don't get to be heroes.

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