Season Two
Star Trek
TOS 2x01 001
Season Premiere September 15th, 1967
Season Finale March 29th, 1968
Episode Count 26
Cast William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley

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Star Trek is an American science fiction television series that aired for three seasons on NBC from 1966 to 1969, spanning a total of seventy-eight episodes, plus one unaired pilot. Created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek has proven to be one of the most beloved and enduring sci-fi franchises of all time, spawning four live-action spin-off programs, an animated series and (to date) twelve feature films. There have also been numerous novels, comic books, video games, reference guides and other media that have added to the growing mythology of Star Trek over the years. All episodes of the series have been made commercially available on VHS and DVD formats. Beginning in 2006, all episodes of the series were digitally remastered with all new visual effects and music. The refurbished episodes have been converted from the original film to a high-definition format.

Season Two of Star Trek aired from September, 1967 to March of 1968 spanning a total of 26 episodes. Although the production quality of season two was equal to that of season one, the series budget was slightly less than that of season one with an estimate of $185,000 US. Despite this, season two provided several set upgrades including refurbished work on the bridge, an expanded engineering section and an auxiliary control set.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Amok Time September 15th, 1967
2x2 Who Mourns for Adonais? September 22nd, 1967
2x3 The Changeling September 29th, 1967
2x4 Mirror, Mirror October 6th, 1967
2x5 The Apple October 13th, 1967
2x6 The Doomsday Machine October 20th, 1967
2x7 Catspaw October 27th, 1967
2x8 I, Mudd November 3rd, 1967
2x9 Metamorphosis November 10th, 1967
2x10 Journey to Babel November 17th, 1967
2x11 Friday's Child December 1st, 1967
2x12 The Deadly Years December 8th, 1967
2x13 Obsession December 15th, 1967
2x14 Wolf in the Fold December 22nd, 1967
2x15 The Trouble With Tribbles December 29th, 1967
2x16 The Gamesters of Triskelion January 5th, 1968
2x17 A Piece of the Action January 12th, 1968
2x18 The Immunity Syndrome January 19th, 1968
2x19 A Private Little War February 2nd, 1968
2x20 Return to Tomorrow February 9th, 1968
2x21 Patterns of Force February 16th, 1968
2x22 By Any Other Name February 23rd, 1968
2x23 The Omega Glory March 1st, 1968
2x24 The Ultimate Computer March 8th, 1968
2x25 Bread and Circuses March 15th, 1968
2x26 Assignment: Earth March 29th, 1968

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Mister Spock
DeForest Kelley Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy

Co-stars Edit

Actor Role
George Takei Ensign Hikaru Sulu
James Doohan Montgomery Scott
Nichelle Nichols Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
Walter Koenig Ensign Pavel Chekov
Grace Lee Whitney Yeoman Janice Rand

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
John Winston Lieutenant Kyle
Bill Blackburn Lieutenant Hadley
Roger Holloway Lieutenant Lemli
Eddie Paskey Lieutenant Ed Leslie

Villains Edit

Actor Role
Roger C. Carmel Harry Mudd
Michael Forest Apollo

Minor roles Edit

Actor Role
Bill Blackburn Lieutenant Hadley
Eddie Paskey Ed Leslie/Ryan/Connors
Leslie Parrish Carolyn Palamas
John Winston Lieutenant John Kyle
Roger Holloway Lieutenant Roger Lemli

Crew Edit

Production Edit

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Actor DeForest Kelley becomes a series regular with season two and receives opening bill credits.

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