Series Space: Above and Beyond
Season 1, Episode 1
Space - Above and Beyond 1x02 001
Air date September 24th, 1995
Writers Glen Morgan; James Wong
Director David Nutter
Producers Glen Morgan; James Wong; Stephen Zito; Howard Grigsby; Tim McHugh; Herb Adelman; Ken Dennis; Tom Towler
Starring Morgan Weisser; Kristen Cloke; Rodney Rowland; Joel de la Fuente; Lanei Chapman; James Morrison
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"The Farthest Man from Home"

"Pilot" is the first episode of season one of the science fiction television series Space: Above and Beyond. It was directed by David Nutter and written by series creators Glen Morgan and James Wong. It first aired on the FOX Network on September 24th, 1995.

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Actor Role
Morgan Weisser Lieutenant Nathan West
Kristen Cloke Lieutenant Shane Vansen
Rodney Rowland Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes
Joel de la Fuente Lieutenant Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman Lieutenant Vanessa Damphousse
James Morrison Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus "T.C." McQueen

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Bill Hunter Secretary General Chartwell
Colin Friels Lieutenant Colonel Fouts
Amanda Douge Kylen
Peter Kent Mike "Pags" Pagodin
Theresa Wong Michelle Low
Anja Coleby Bartley
Darrin Klimek Carter
Chris Kirby Lieutenant Stone
Robert Coleby Colonial Governor Jonathan Overmeyer
Alan Dale Colonial Governor Borman
Michael Edwards-Stevens Maxwell
Charles Anthony Nelson
Bartholomew John Richard West
James Campbell John West
Gennie Nevinson Anne West
Melissa Bullock Young Shane
Ric Anderson Slayton
Angus Grant Neil West
Colin Handley Sergeant Vansen
Rebecca Riggs Mrs. Vansen
R. Lee Ermey Sergeant Major Bougus
Enrico Mammarella Technician

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