"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."
Peter Venkman
Peter Venkman
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A scientist is one who studies and/or works in the field of science, usually specializing in a particular branch of study. This may include physics, astro-physics, genetics, biology, marine biology, chemistry, etc. In science fiction, it is not uncommon for a scientist to perceive their work as the sum-total of their existence, even to an obsessive and often dangerous degree. When the obsession to further the reaches of man's understanding of the universe takes precedence over the common good and/or any accepted code of ethical conduct, then one may find themselves branded with the label of "mad scientist".

Nazis in particular where known for this type of silliness and were always trying to cobble together some extreme experiment that might further their goals. Of course when it comes to the cream of the crop of mad scientists, one need look no further than the mountains of Switzerland where they might hear tales of an ambitious young buck from Geneva named Victor Frankenstein, who succeeded in creating new life from the sewn together body parts of cadaver using biochemical processes.

Fields of study Edit

Arachnology is the study of spiders. It is comparable to the field of entomology, which is the study of insects. Joshua Taft was an arachnologist from Prosperity, Arizona in Eight Legged Freaks. He gave instruction on teh subject to young Mike Parker.
Botany is the study of plants. Doctor Wilfred Glendon from Werewolf of London was a botanist.
Geology is the science and study of the solid Earth and the processes by which it is shaped and changed. Geology provides primary evidence for plate tectonics, the history of life and evolution, and past climates. In modern times, geology is commercially important for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, is publically important for predicting and understanding natural hazards, plays an essential role in geotechnical engineering, and is a major academic discipline. One who studies geology is called a Geologist.
Zoology is a sub-section of biology that relates specifically to the study of specimens of the animal kingdom. It examines such traits as cell biology, evolution, behavior and anatomy. Those who study zoology are called zoologists. Zoologists may also be veterinarians, but there is a difference between the two in that zoologists do not necessarily have the skills to treat animals medically or perform surgeries. Zoos will often employ zoologists in the assistance of caring for the animals in their charge.

Mad scientist Edit

Frederick Frankenstein

Frederick Frankenstein from Young Frankenstein. He's nuttier than he looks!

A mad scientist is a scientist whose theories and ambitions go beyond the accepted norms of conventional thinking. Invariably, such an individual belies an obsessiveness that not only endangers his or her own physical and mental health, but those of others as well. With a mad scientist, only the work is a priority in life. Everything else is secondary. A mad scientist is not above violating the laws of society as well as certain accepted ethical codes in order to achieve his means. This could range from everything such as creating a screw-top skullcap to robbing dead bodies from cemeteries in order to stitch together a lumbering monster with bolts in his neck. Then of course, there's that squirrely little guy from Miskatonic University who used his patented Re-agent to reanimate the dead. Yeah... he was a nutso.

Babe scientist Edit

Samantha Carter 002

Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1. Smartest human ever. No, seriously.

"Babe" scientist for lack of a better term, is a storytelling trope used in movies. It goes against the stereotype of characters who are scientists presented as nerdy, bookish, unkempt, or by contrast, impeccably groomed.

In the real world, scientists boast physicalities that are no different than any other occupation that is not based on appearance or fitness. Films however, occasionally like to engage the viewer with attractive figures, and some may find the notion of an exceptionally attractive female scientist as being provocative.

Scientist Supreme Edit

Scientist Supreme is a fictional title utilized by individuals featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. It may refer to either one of two different classifications of individual.

It is a title bestowed upon individuals by the the cosmic being known as Eternity, declaring that they are something of a super-smarty-pants. Hank Pym was given this title as one of the five smartest people on the planet Earth. In the reality known as Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe), Victor Van Damme declared himself the Scientist Supreme of Earth.

Scientist Supreme may also refer to the ruling authoritative agent known as A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). There have been several Scientist Supremes of this organization beginning with George Clinton, and continuing on through Lyle Getz, George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini.

Characters Edit

Character Source
Agon Marvel Universe
Alex Durant The Black Hole
Alice Hayes Marvel Universe
Amadeus Cho Marvel Universe
Anatoly Knyazev Arrow
Anna Bolt Resident Evil
Anthony Rodriguez DC Universe
Antonio Stark Ultimate Marvel
Aristotle Rodor DC Universe
Arthur Chapman The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
Arthur Parks Marvel Universe
Arthur Zarrko Marvel Universe
Barry Allen The Flash (2014)
Betty Ross Incredible Hulk (1982)
Bill Carlisle DC Television Universe
Bill Schmitz DC Universe
Bug Man DC Universe
Brie Larvan DC Television Universe
Caitlin Snow The Flash (2014)
Carl Maddicks Marvel Universe
Carlie Cooper Marvel Universe
Carolyn Trainer Marvel Universe
Casey Matthews Tremors: The Series
Cassandra Railly 12 Monkeys
Charles Benton Marvel Universe
Chester Dolenz Six Million Dollar Man
Christina McGee DC Television Universe
Cisco Ramon The Flash (2014)
Crystal Frost DC Universe
Curt Connors Marvel Universe
Curtis Holt Arrow
Curtis Knox Smallville
Dabney Donovan DC Universe
Daisuke Serizawa Godzilla
Dale Rice Marvel Universe
Dalt Kendall Marvel Universe
David Banner Incredible Hulk
Deacon Frost Marvel Universe
Doctor Bedlam DC Universe
Doctor Cranium Super Friends
Doctor Poison DC Universe
Doctor Teng DC Universe
Edward Nygma Gotham
Edwin Jenner The Walking Dead
Elaina Marks Incredible Hulk
Ellie Sattler Jurassic Park
Elliot Spinella Grimm
Evan Declan Marvel Cinematic Universe
Frederick Frankenstein Young Frankenstein
Galen Erso Star Wars
Georgia Sivana DC Universe
Gerald Crane Gotham
Gregor Smirnoff Marvel Universe
Gustav Niemann Universal Monsters
Hans Reinhardt The Black Hole
Hans Zarkov Flash Gordon
Harrison Wells The Flash (2014)
Harry Wells The Flash (2014)
Henry Deacon Eureka
Hope van Dyne Marvel Cinematic Universe
Howard Stark Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park
Igor Drenkov Marvel Universe
Isabel Maru DC Extended Universe
Ivan Bekey Six Million Dollar Man
Ivan Borloff DC Universe
Jarvis Kord DC Universe
Joanne Tumolo Marvel Universe
John Henry Irons DC Universe
Jonas Harrow Marvel Universe
Jor-El DC Universe
Julio Mendez The Flash (1990)
Kate McCrae The Black Hole
Kerwin Korman Marvel Universe
Lindsay Kang DC Television Universe
Ludwig Frankenstein Universal Monsters
Lyle Getz Marvel Universe
Kate Waynesboro Marvel Universe
Kirk Langstrom DC Universe
Kitang Marvel Universe
Korath-Thak Marvel Universe
Kyohei Yamane Godzilla
Lawrence Lapeer Baby Badass
Lazlo Valentin DC Universe
Mariano Rodriguez Resident Evil
Mark Desmond DC Universe
Marla Madison Marvel Universe
Marlene Bekey Six Million Dollar Man
Martin Stein DC Universe
Martin Stein DC Television Universe
Miles Blackgar Marvel Universe
Milton Mamet The Walking Dead
Minn-Erva Marvel Universe
Mister Who DC Universe
Natasha Irons DC Universe
Nathan Stark Eureka
Nifara Ultimate Marvel
Noriko Nagayoshi Marvel Universe
Otto Octavius Incredible Hulk (1982)
Owen Wallach Marvel Universe
Peter Corbeau Marvel Universe
Phineas Potter DC Universe
Professor Bond The King Kong Show
Professor Morgo Marvel Universe
Quinn Mallory Sliders
Ray Palmer DC Universe
Rex Tyler DC Universe
Robert Crane, DC Universe
Roderick Campbell The Gifted
Ronnie Raymond The Flash (2014)
Samuel Sterns Incredible Hulk (1982)
Seward Trainer Marvel Universe
Shin'ichi Chûjô Godzilla
Si Ma Ultimate Marvel
Sidney Miller V
Silas Tagge Star Wars
Simon Stagg DC Universe
Stan Potolsky Gotham
Stephen Gregory Buffyverse
Steven Lang Marvel Universe
Sven Larson DC Universe
Sydney Happersen DC Universe
T.O. Morrow DC Universe
Ted Sallis Marvel Universe
Tetsuo Teri Godzilla
Thaddeus Sivana, Jr. DC Universe
Theodore Knight DC Universe
Thomas Dodge Planet of the Apes
Tibor Marvel Universe
Tina McGee DC Universe
Veronica Cale DC Universe
Victor Frankenstein Frankenstein
Victor Fries DC Universe
Victor Stein Marvel Universe
Walter Langkowski Marvel Universe
Will Magnus DC Universe
William Birkin Resident Evil
Winifred Burkle Buffyverse
Wolf von Frankenstein Universal Monsters
Xadu DC Universe
Xebel DC Universe
Yuri Topolov Marvel Universe
Zander Rice Marvel Universe
Zor-El DC Comics; Earth-One
Zor-El DC Universe; Post-Crisis

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