Samantha Newark was born just outside London England and is a singer songwriter and voice actress.[1]

Newark is best known for her voice-over work on the animated 1980s cartoon series Jem as the speaking voice of Jerrica/Jem[2] (Britta Phillips was the singing voice). Other voice-over credits include guest-starring on the original Transformers cartoon as "Ariel" and "Elise Presser". Samantha was also cast as the British voice of a young Peter Pan's mother in the feature film "Hook" as well as doing many on camera and voice-over TV and radio commercials. In 1986 Samantha performed the theme song "In Your Eyes" for the Japanese anime feature film Project A-Ko written by Joey Carbone and Richie Zito. She also provided the singing voice for a dozen songs in the movie "Crazy Six" starring Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Mario Van Peebles. Jem remains her most well known role and Newark herself still retains a very special fondness for her character today and is invited to meet the Jem fans at conventions all over the world.

Samantha Newark
Background information
Born Wimbledon, London
Origin Burbank, California

Notable Works



She has lent her vocals to the PlayStation games God of War, Twisted Metal Black, "Wild Arms 3" and "Everything or Nothing".

Samantha Newark released her second album "Somethin' Good" in late October 2011. A stylish and glittery synth/pop/electronica influenced record. All songs written and performed by Samantha and produced by Dave Polich, Michael Jackson's keyboard programmer on the "This Is it" concerts.

Samantha Newark released her selt-titled debut album in 2008.[3] Songs from the album have been featured in numerous television programs including Smallville, Reba, Life is Wild, and Gossip Girl as well as MTV's Laguna Beach, Punked, and My Super Sweet Sixteen[4]

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Other rolesEdit[edit | edit source]

  • The British voice of Peter Pan's young mother in "Hook"
  • Various TV and radio commericals
  • Guest voices in Transformers
  • A few video game roles. (God of War, Twisted Metal Black, "Wild Arms 3" and "Everything or Nothing.)

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Music Career and JemEdit[edit | edit source]

Samantha Newark outside of voice acting has a music career. In a interview, she said that she had became interested in singing at a young age and went on a tour in Africa. She had also stated she sung at places like churches before Jem.

In 2008, Samantha had released a self-titled album with the first single being a song that is a tribute to the show and its fans, entiled "Jemboy." Since then, Samantha has annouced that she has a new album being released sometime in 2011. Samantha has also appeared at a few Jemcons, an annual convention held each year for Jem fans.


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