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Roger Huntoon
Roger Huntoon
Aliases: Roger "Piggy" Huntoon
Continuity: DC Universe
Notability: Minor character
Type: Psychiatrist
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Location: England
Gotham City
Associations: Arkham Asylum
Ravenscar Secure Hospital
Status: Alive
First: Swamp Thing, Vol. 2 #66
Actor: Miles Anderson

Doctor Roger "Piggy" Huntoon is a fictional psychiatrist and a minor character featured in comic books published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Swamp Thing, Volume 2 #66 in November, 1987. A version of the character also appeared on the pilot episode of the NBC television series Constantine titled, "Non Est Asylum". He was played by actor Miles Anderson in the episode.


Roger Huntoon was a British psychiatrist and the administrator of the Ravenscar Secure Hospital. At some point in this career, he was also the head of Arkham Asylum in the United States. Huntoon held a strong grudge against one of his patients, John Constantine, on account of a woman that the latter had seduced from him. It was Constantine who gave Roger the unflattering nickname of "Piggy".

Roger Huntoon was the author of a pop-psychology book, titled Pow! Psychology: Understanding the Super-Men (and Women); it focused on the dangers the superhumans represent.

Roger later became the director of Arkham Asylum in Gotham County. Reporter Lois Lane did a story about Roger Huntoon during his tenure at Arkham. Roger later confronted her to express his displeasure that none of his quotes were used in her article. [1]

Roger Huntoon eventually retired from Arkham Asylum. The vacated position was given over to Jeremiah Arkham.


  • Psychiatry: Roger Huntoon is an educated man, and is fully trained in the field of psychiatry.

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  • The character of Roger Huntoon was created by writer and artist Rick Veitch.


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