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Associated programs: Angel
Associated comics: Angel: Smile Time Vol 1
Character examples: Angel; Flora; Gregor Framkin; Groofus; Polo; Ratio Hornblower; Spike
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A puppet is basically a doll that one can animate by shoving their hand up the thing's ass and then using their hand and fingers to articulate the arms, mouth and even eyes.

On the WB Network television series Angel, a troupe of demons assumed the form of puppets and took control of a children's television series called Smile Time. While investigating the studio, Angel was accidentally turned into a puppet for a brief period of time. [1]

Characters Edit

Character Source
Angel Angel
Flora Angel
Gregor Framkin Angel
Groofus Angel
Jester Puppet Master
Miss Leech Puppet Master
Pinhead Puppet Master
Polo Angel
Ratio Hornblower Angel
Switchblade Puppet Master
Spike Angel
Torch Puppet Master
Tunneler Puppet Master

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  • A person who operates a puppet is called a puppeteer.

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