"You're delicious, boss!"
Pizza the Hutt.jpg
Pizza the Hutt
Continuity: Spaceballs
Type: Antagonist
Gender: Male
Race: Pizza?
Status: Deceased
Died: Year unknown
1st appearance: Spaceballs (1987)
Actor: Dom DeLuise

Pizza the Hutt was an adversary featured in the 1987 sci-fi comedy spoof Spaceballs, directed by Mel Brooks. Voiced by comedian/actor Dom DeLuise, Pizza was a pastiche of the character Jabba the Hutt, who was first introduced to audiences in the third installment of the original Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The character was also featured in the first episode of the Spaceballs animated series, which adapted the first half of the original film.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pizza the Hutt was an intergalactic gangster whose body was comprised entirely out of cheese and pizza toppings. He was attended to by a robotic henchman named Vinnie, who often spoke on Pizza's behalf. At some point in time, Pizza and Vinnie had dealings with the space jockey known as Lone Starr and his co-pilot/sidekick Barf (whom Pizza always called "Puke"). Lone Starr found himself in debt to Pizza to the tune of 100,000 space bucks, but after late payments, Pizza raised the debt to 1 million space bucks.

Pizza and Vinnie established video communication with Lone Starr to remind them of their monetary obligations, as well as the exorbitant surcharges. He warned him that he had less than a day to settle the debt or else, "Pizza is gonna order out... for you!"

As it turned out, Pizza eventually ate himself to death and Lone Starr was free of the debt, despite the fact that he had actually succeeded in raising the 1 million space bucks by rescuing the Druish princess, Vespa.

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In addition to taking his name from Jabba the Hutt, Pizza's name is also derived from Pizza Hut, an international restaurant chain famous for serving... well, pizza.
  • Pizza is also represented on the "Spaceballs: The Sheet", which can be seen When President Skroob is in bed with Marlene and Charlene.
  • Despite his name, Pizza was not an actual Hutt.

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