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New York City
Aliases: New York; NYC
Category: City
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: New York
Points of interest: Alley, The; Bronx; Brooklyn; East River; Empire State Building; Harlem; Lower East Side; Manhattan; Mutant Town; Queens; Staten Island

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New York City is divided into five boroughs, often referred to as the Five Points. They are:

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Characters from New York City Edit

Character Source
Adrian Chase DC Universe
Adrian Toomes Marvel Universe
Alan Pangborn Kingdom Universe
Alejandro Sanchez DC Universe
Alex Underwood Witchblade
Alice Sutton V
Andrew Thatcher Marvel Universe
Andy McDermott An American Werewolf in Paris
Angelica Jones Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Anita Leung The Crow: Waking Nightmares
Anne Marie Hoag Marvel Universe
Annie Pangborn The Dark Half
Antonio Stark Ultimate Marvel
Armando Muñoz Marvel Universe
Arthur Dolan Marvel Universe
Barbara Ketch Marvel Universe
Bernard O'Brien Spider-Man
Bert Rose Marvel Universe
Big Al Marvel Cinematic Universe
Big Tony DC Universe New 52
Blume Marvel Universe
Brett Mahoney Marvel Cinematic Universe
Brian Sutton V
Bruno Horgan Marvel Comics
Candace Miller Marvel Cinematic Universe
Carl Denham King Kong
Carlie Cooper Marvel Comics
Carol Abrams The Incredible Hulk
Casey Jones Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Charles Hinton Marvel Cinematic Universe
Cliff Carmichael DC Universe
Crossart DC Universe
Crystal Frost DC Universe
Dalt Kendall Marvel Universe
Dan DC Universe New 52
Dan Turpin DC Comics
Danny Woo Witchblade
Danielle Cage Marvel Universe
Danny Ketch Marvel Universe
Danny Rand Marvel Comics
Dave DC Universe New 52
Dawn Starr Marvel Universe
Delilah Marvel Universe
Dian Belmont DC Universe
Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ebenezer Laughton Marvel Universe
Edwin Jarvis Marvel Universe
Elijah Bradley Marvel Universe
Elizabeth Thorne DC Comics
Erica Evans V
Evan Sutton V
Eve VIII Eve of Destruction
Eve Simmons Eve of Destruction
Father Lantom Marvel Cinematic Universe
Felicia Hardy Marvel Comics
Felicity Smoak DC Comics
Flea Marvel Universe
Francis Ketch Marvel Universe
Francisco Lobo Marvel Universe
Frank Castle, Jr. Marvel Universe
Frankie Raye Marvel Comics
Frederick Foswell Marvel Comics
Georgie Sutton V
Goatboy DC Universe New 52
Haley Stark V
Harleen Quinzel DC Universe
Harold H. Harold Marvel Universe
Harold Meachum Marvel Universe
Harry Stein DC Universe
Henry Hunter Luke Cage
Henry Wambach DC Universe
Howard Stark Marvel Cinematic Universe
Hugh Selzer Witchblade
Isaac Mendez Heroes
Isaiah Bradley Marvel Universe
Jack Thompson Marvel Cinematic Universe
Jake McCarthy Witchblade
Jake Mallard Marvel Universe
Jake McCarthy Witchblade
Jake Olson Marvel Comics
Janice Foswell Marvel Comics
Jeffrey Mace Marvel Universe
Jerry DC Universe New 52
Jessica Jones Marvel Comics
Joe Siry Witchblade
John Robert Keane Marvel Universe
Jim Wilson Marvel Comics
Joey Pulaski Marvel Comics
John Brent Planet of the Apes
John Koenig Space: 1999
Joy Meachum Marvel Universe
Karen DC Universe New 52
Kenya Rosewater Defiance
Khalid Nassour DC Universe
Larry Belmont DC Universe
Lawrence Wilkins Marvel Cinematic Universe
Lee Travis DC Universe
Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Leslie Humphries DC Universe
Lisa Buzanis Witchblade
Lisa Castle Marvel Universe
Lloyd Drexler Witchblade
Loni Stane Ultimate Marvel
Lonnie Lincoln Marvel Universe
Lorraine Reilly DC Comics
Lucius Planet of the Apes
Luke Cage Marvel Comics
Lydia Hardy Marvel Comics
Madame Macabre DC Universe New 52
Manuel Ramos Marvel Universe
Marcus Planet of the Apes
Maria Castle Marvel Universe
Maria Stark Marvel Cinematic Universe
Mariah Dillard Marvel Universe
Marion Vicar Marvel Universe
Martin Stein DC Universe
Michael Yee Witchblade
Maxwell Plumm Marvel Universe
Michael Garibaldi Babylon 5
Michael Keane Marvel Universe
Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Milo Tindolini Marvel Comics
Mimi Jenks Marvel Universe
Miranda Pritchett Marvel Comics
Mordecai Mule DC Universe
Morgana Blessing Marvel Comics
Morris Bench Marvel Comics
Myra Mason DC Universe
Nick Fury Marvel Comics
Nick Katzenberg Marvel Universe
Nikki Wood Buffyverse
Ongaro Planet of the Apes
Orville Smythe Marvel Universe
Paul Hall Marvel Comics
Peter Malley DC Universe
Polly Hinton Marvel Cinematic Universe
Priscilla Ridley Marvel Cinematic Universe
Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Raymond Warren Marvel Universe
Reva Connors Marvel Comics
Richard Occult DC Universe
Richard Fisk Marvel Universe
Robert Long DC Universe
Robin Hinton Marvel Cinematic Universe
Robin Wood Buffyverse
Ron Evers DC Comics
Ronald Parvenue Marvel Comics
Ryan Nichols V
Sam Burke Spawn
Sam Wilson Marvel Comics
Samson Barrick Marvel Universe
Shades Marvel Comics
Sharon Selleck Marvel Comics
Simone Deveaux Heroes
Sidney Miller V
Stacy Dolan Marvel Universe
Taskmaster Marvel Comics
Terry Long DC Universe
Timothy Dugan Marvel Comics
Toby Pangborn The Dark Half
Todd Pangborn The Dark Half
Trish Tilby Marvel Comics
Twitch Williams Spawn
Vanessa Fisk Marvel Comics
Vaughn The Tomorrow People
Victor Caruso V
Victor Stone DC Comics
Vivian Dale DC Comics
Walter Hardy Marvel Comics
Ward Meachum Marvel Universe
Wendell Rand Marvel Universe
Wesley Dodds DC Universe
Will Simpson Jessica Jones
Willis Stryker Marvel Comics
Zaius Planet of the Apes
Zelda Kurtzberg Marvel Universe

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  • In Marvel Comics continuity, New York City still exists some 1,000 years into the future, but is renamed "The Big Apple". This is the future timeline of Nathaniel Summers before he traveled back to the modern timeline. This is considered an alternate timeline and is not the established future timeline of the Marvel Universe.

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