The following are a list of guidelines to help with deciding the most appropriate names for articles. If you find an article that does not comply with the following naming conventions, you are encouraged to make a note of it on the article's discussion page, or bring it to the attention of an administrator.

Films Edit

All film titles should be identified by its full title followed by the year of its release in parenthesis, i.e. RoboCop (1987). Page names for film titles should reflect the most commonly known title used in English-speaking countries. All other variations of the title should be created as redirects to the primary film page.

Television Programs Edit

All television program titles should be identified by their full name followed by the words (TV series) in parenthesis. Individual episodes should be identified by series name, followed by a semicolon and then the episode title. Example: A for Andromeda: The Message. In the case where episodes are not provided with an actual title, indicate the episode by season and episode number. Example: A for Andromeda: 1 01. Programs with similar names should include the year that the series premiered in the title. Example: V (1984 TV series) and V (2009 TV series).

Novels Edit

All novels should be identified by its full title followed by the word “novel” (lowercase) in parenthesis. In the instance where a book adapts material from a film or screenplay, the word novel should be replaced with novelization (lowercase).

Comics Edit

Comic book volumes should be identified by the comic’s full title followed by its volume number, regardless of however many volumes of the title that has been published. Example: RoboCop vs. Terminator Vol 1 or Virus Vol 1. Issues that fall under each volume use the format of title/volume/issue (avoid using the pound symbol to identify number). Example: RoboCop vs. Terminator Vol 1 1 for issue #1, and Virus Vol 1 2 for issue #2. Be mindful of comic titles that may have been published by multiple companies. In this instance, the publisher’s name should be identified in parenthesis following the main title but before the volume number. Example: Star Wars (Marvel Comics) Vol 1 6 and Star Wars (Dark Horse Comics) Vol 1 6.

Video Games Edit

All video games should be identified by the game’s full title followed by (VG) in parenthesis. VG naturally stands for video game.

Characters Edit

All character should be referred to by their full and most commonly used name. Formal names are not required unless that is how the character is best known. If a name applies to multiple characters, then the primary name will serve as a disambiguation page, directing users to the correct selection. To distinguish characters with similar names, the page titles should include the character’s full name followed by whatever franchise they are related to in parenthesis. Examples: Sorek (Star Trek) or Sorek (Star Wars), etc.

Races Edit

All alien races should be identified in the plural form, ala, Vulcans, Xenomorphs, Hutts, etc. The singular form of the name should be created as a redirect to the main article.