Mylene Hoffman 002.jpg
Mylene Hoffman
Aliases: Mirēnu Hofuman; Miléne Hoffman
Continuity: 009-1
Type: Main character
Gender: Female
Race: Cyborg
Base of operations: Eastern Bloc
Status: Alive
1st appearance: 009-1 (Manga)
Actor: Yumiko Shaku (Japanese)
Alice Fulks (English)

Mylene Hoffman is the central character from the Japanese animated television series 009-1, which aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System for thirteen episodes between October and December, 2006. The character first appeared in the 009-1 manga, which was serialized from 1967 to 1970. Also known as code-name 009-1, she appeared in all thirteen episodes of the series where she was voiced by Yumiko Shaku. In the English-dubbed versions of the series, she was voiced by Alice Fulks. Mylene Hoffman was a cyborg armed with various integrated weaponry, not the least of which included machine gun breasts.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mylene Hoffman was a female cyborg secret agent for the Number Nine Group and answered to the team's leader Number Zero. Her colleagues included Vanessa Ibert (009-3), Mia Connery (009-7) and Berta Kastner (009-4). The Number Nine Group operated in the interests of the Western Bloc during the extended Cold War and were often in conflict with their European rivals of the Eastern Bloc.

Mylene's earliest recorded assignment with the Number Nine Group involved rescuing a Russian defector from the Eastern Bloc named Zond Soyuz. Soyuz had developed an energy source of great magnitude, one that would tip the scales heavily in favor of the Western Bloc. He was being held captive by a man named Ivan Godunov. In order to get a fix on where the Eastern Bloc was holding him, Mylene was forced to seduce their director of intelligence, Lyudmila Schindler.

Along with her colleagues, she air-dropped into the castle keep where Soyuz was being held and fought up against Godunov and Schindler's armed men. Godunov managed to escape with Soyuz and tried to smuggle him aboard a space shuttle bound for Earth's moon. Mylene and the others were unable to save Soyuz's life, but they succeeded in securing his invention and Godunov was killed. [1]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the original manga, Mylene's name was Mirēnu Hofuman, sometimes translated as Miléne Hoffman.

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