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Michael Hayes
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Producer; Director
Date of birth: April 3rd, 1929
Place of birth: London, England
Notable works: A for Andromeda
Doctor Who
1st Sci-Fi: A for Andromeda: The Message

Michael Hayes was a television producer and director and one of the developers of the A for Andromeda television series. He directed all seven episodes of the series as well as fourteen episodes of the original Doctor Who television series.

Body of work Edit

A for Andromeda Edit

Episode Title Role
1 The Message Producer; Director
2 The Machine Producer; Director
3 The Miracle Producer; Director
4 The Monster Producer; Director
5 The Murderer Producer; Director
6 The Face of the Tiger Producer; Director
7 The Last Mystery Producer; Director

Doctor Who Edit

Episode Title Role
1 The Androids of Tara (Part 1) Director
2 The Androids of Tara (Part 2) Director
3 The Androids of Tara (Part 3) Director
4 The Androids of Tara (Part 4) Director
5 The Armageddon Factor (Part 1) Director
6 The Armageddon Factor (Part 2) Director
7 The Armageddon Factor (Part 3) Director
8 The Armageddon Factor (Part 4) Director
9 The Armageddon Factor (Part 5) Director
10 The Armageddon Factor (Part 6) Director
11 City of Death (Part 1) Director
12 City of Death (Part 2) Director
13 City of Death (Part 3) Director
14 City of Death (Part 4) Director

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