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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
Title: "Invasion"
Volume: 1
Number: 8
Cover price: .75
Cover date: December, 1984
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Writers: Jim Shooter
Pencilers: Mike Zeck
Inkers: John Beatty; Jack Abel; Mike Esposito
Cover artists: Mike Zeck
Cover inker: John Beatty
Colorists: Christie Scheele
Letterers: Joe Rosen
Editors: Tom DeFalco
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"Invasion" is the title to the eighth issue of the comic book maxi-series Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars published by Marvel Comics. This issue is part of the greater "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" event. The story was written by Jim Shooter with artwork by Mike Zeck and inks by John Beatty, Jack Abel and Mike Esposito. It was colored by Christie Scheele and lettered by Joe Rosen. The series was edited by Tom DeFalco. The cover art illustration was rendered by Mike Zeck and John Beatty. This issue shipped with a December, 1984 cover date and carries a cover price of .75 cents per copy.

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  • This issue was reprinted in 2009 as part of a Hasbro action figure bonus comic.
  • The tagline for this issue is "Amid the chaos, there comes a costume --!".
  • The mysterious black ball that manifests itself into Spider-Man's new costume will later be revealed as as alien symbiote. This symbiote will eventually take on the name of Venom.

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