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Male refers to one of two primary genders of all living organisms and even some non-living. Yes, even the undead have a gender. Males are defined by an XY chromosome as opposed to the XX chromosome possessed by those of the female gender.

Those of the male gender are distinguished by a variety of physical and biochemical properties, the most obvious of which is the presence of external genitalia, which in the scientific community is officially referred to as "outdoor plumbling". They are also noted for excessive body hair and lack of perky breasts; unless the guy is really out of shape, at which point he may be develop a bouncing pair of "man-boobs", or "moobs".

Biochemically, males often strive for a dominant position when in the presence of females and even other males. Such machismo may take the form of excessive chest-beating, feats of strength and/or daring-do, a limitless capacity to drink beer, power-farting and the neverending quest to prove that one's dong is bigger than another guy's.


  • The character of Strax from Doctor Who often had difficulty distinguishing gender. He persistently referred to Clara Oswald as "boy" or "lad".

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