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Judith Grimes
Aliases: Judy
Lil' Asskicker
Continuity: The Walking Dead
Notability: Recurring character
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Location: Georgia
Alexandria, Virginia
Relatives: Lori Grimes [1]
Rick Grimes [2]
Shane Walsh [3]
Carl Grimes [4]
R.J. Grimes [5]
Status: Alive
Born: 2012
First: Walking Dead #39
"Killer Within"
Actor: Adelaide Cornwell
Eliza Cornwell
Tinsley Price
Anniston Price
Charlotte Ward
Clara Ward
Cailey Fleming

Judith Grimes, nicknamed "Judy" is a fictional infant character featured on the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. She was introduced in the season three episode, "Killer Within", which showcased the birth of the character. Throughout season three, Baby Judith was played by the twins, Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell. In season four, Judith Grimes was played by Tinsley and Anniston Price.


Judith Grimes is the infant daughter of Lori Grimes and the younger sister of Carl Grimes. There is some question as to who her father is. Although Lori's husband, Rick Grimes, has taken care of the child, it is also possible that Judith might be the daughter of Shane Walsh, whom Lori had an affair with prior to his death.

Judith Grimes was born inside of a prison sanctuary in rural Georgia. Lori Grimes died while giving birth to Judith. Carl was the first to have physical contact with her.


  1. Walking Dead: Say Yes
  2. Walking Dead: Mercy (As a toddler and a 6-yr. old in flash-forward.)

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  1. Mother, deceased.
  2. Adoptive father, unknown.
  3. Father, deceased.
  4. Half-brother, deceased.
  5. Half-brother, alive.