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"Moon in Gemini"
Series Jeremiah
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date June 14th, 2002
Writers Sam Egan
Director Brad Turner
Producers J. Michael Straczynski; Joe Dante; Sam Egan; Mike Finnell; Luke Perry; Scott Mitchell Rosenberg; Ervin Rustemagic; George Horie; Ben Brafman; Stephen Geaghan; Stephanie Germain; Gregory Noveck; Sara Barnes
Starring Luke Perry; Malcolm Jamal-Warner
Episode guide
"Ring of Truth"
"Out of the Ashes"

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Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Luke Perry Jeremiah
Malcolm-Jamal Warner Kurdy Malloy

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Peter Stebbings Markus Alexander
Byron Lawson Lee Chen
Ingrid Kavelaars Erin
Jason George Kwame
Kandyse McClure Elizabeth
Michasha Armstrong Raheem
Monique Kavelaars Lauren
Christian Bocher Geronimo
Adrian Holmes Gunman

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  • This episode is included on disc five of the Jeremiah: The Complete First Season DVD collection.

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