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Jeffrey Hunter
Jeffrey Hunter
Vital statistics
Name Jeffrey Hunter
Aliases Jeff Hunter; Henry Herman McKinnies, Jr. [1]
Place of birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Gender Male
Date of birth November 25th, 1926
Date of death May 27th, 1969
First appearance Star Trek: The Cage

Jeffrey Hunter was an American actor born Henry Herman McKinnies, Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 5th, 1926. He is best known in sci-fi circles for playing the role of Captain Christopher Pike, the first on-screen Captain of the space starship USS Enterprise on the original unaired pilot episode of the first Star Trek television series "The Cage". Archival footage of Hunter's character was incorporated into the two-part season one episode "The Menagerie". Hunter was credited as a special guest star in both episodes, but was not actually involved with the production.

His only other role in a science fiction feature was his portrayal of Justin Power, the lead character in the 1966 time travel adventure film Dimension 5.

In 1969, Hunter suffered a severe stroke, having just recovered from a previous stroke, and took a bad fall that required emergency brain surgery. He died from complications from the surgery on May 27th. He was only 42-years old. [2]

Body of work Edit

Film Edit

Film Year Character
Dimension 5 1966 Justin Power

Television Edit

Series Episode Character
Star Trek The Cage Captain Christopher Pike
Star Trek The Menagerie (Part 1) Captain Christopher Pike [3]
Star Trek The Menagerie (Part 2) Captain Christopher Pike [4]

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