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J.M. Osborne
Aliases: Sottosegretario Osborne
Continuity: A for Andromeda
Notability: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Location: Scotland
First: A for Andromeda: The Message
Actor: Noel Johnson
Arturo Dominici

J.M. Osborne was a character from the short-lived television series A for Andromeda and its 1962 sequel, The Andromeda Breakthrough. The character was also featured in the 1972 Italian remake series A come Andromeda where he was played by Arturo Dominici. In that series, the character's full name was Sottosegretario Osborne.


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A for Andromeda

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 The Message October 3rd, 1961
1x2 The Machine October 10th, 1961
1x3 The Miracle October 17th, 1961
1x4 The Monster October 24th, 1961
1x5 The Murderer October 31st, 1961
1x6 The Face of the Tiger November 7th, 1961
1x7 The Last Mystery November 14th, 1961
nn A for Andromeda (2006) March 27th, 2006

The Andromeda Breakthrough

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Cold Front June 28th, 1962
1x2 Gale Warning July 5th, 1962
1x3 Azaran Forecast July 12th, 1962
1x4 Storm Centres July 19th, 1962
1x5 Hurricane July 26th, 1962
1x6 The Roman Peace August 2nd, 1962

A come Andromeda

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Episode One January 4th, 1972
1x2 Episode Two January 11th, 1972
1x3 Episode Three January 18th, 1972
1x4 Episode Four January 25th, 1972
1x5 Episode Five February 1st, 1972

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