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Isabelle Tyler
Continuity: The 4400
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Location: Seattle, Washington
Relatives: Richard Tyler (father); Lily Moore Tyler (mother); Lilian Moore (grandmother)
Status: Alive
Born: 2004
First: 4400: Wake-Up Call
Actor: Jordan Lasorsa-Simon
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Madison Pettis

Isabelle Tyler is a supporting character featured in the USA Network television series The 4400. Originally played by Jordan Lasorsa-Simon, she was introduced in the first episode of season two, "Wake-Up Call". Jordan played the toddler version of Isabelle in eleven episodes of the series. The adult version of Isabelle was played by Megalyn Echikunwoke and was introduced in the season three premiere, "The New World". She played the role of Isabelle in twenty-five episodes total. Madison Pettis played a de-aged Isabelle Tyler in the ninth episode of season four, "Daddy's Little Girl".


Isabelle Tyler was the daughter of two returnees, Richard Tyler and his wife Lily Moore. Lily conceived Isabelle during the time that the two were missing before the sudden and unexpected re-emergence of 4400 abductees at the base of Mount Rainier in 2004. Even in the womb, Isabelle proved that she was going to be an inheritor of great power. When she was born, she demonstrated subtle traces of psychokinetic ability, enough so that she could subconsciously accelerate her own development and grew into a toddler within the span of only a few weeks. She then pushed her physical growth once again until she was an adult. Although fully grown, Isabelle still had the emotional maturity of a child. This was particularly dangerous as she had also developed near limitless power and could potentially do anything that she wished to.


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