"Enter, the X-Men"
Iron Fist 15
Iron Fist
Title: "Enter, the X-Men"
Volume: 1
Number: 15
Cover price: .30/.35
Cover date: September, 1977
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Archie Goodwin
Writers: Chris Claremont
Pencilers: John Byrne; Dave Cockrum
Inkers: Dan Green
Cover artists: Dave Cockrum
Cover inker: Dave Cockrum
Colorists: Bruce Patterson
Letterers: Annette Kawecki
Editors: Archie Goodwin
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"Enter, the X-Men" is the title to the fifteenth issue of the American ongoing Kung Fu/Superhero comic book series Iron Fist. The story was written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Byrne with additional pencil work by Dave Cockrum (X-Men faces only). It was inked by Dan Green and featured a cover art illustration composed by Dave Cockrum. It was colored by Bruce Patterson and lettered by Annette Kawecki. The story was edited by Archie Goodwin. The issue carried a September, 1977 cover date and a cover price of .30 per copy (.35 with later distributions).

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  • Final issue of the series.
  • This issue was published in the midst of a price hike of all standard 32-page Marvel Comics issues, which went from .30 per copy to .35 per copy. Some printings of this issue bear a .30 cover price, while others have a .35 cover price.
  • Irving Watanabe provides the cover lettering for this issue, but is uncredited.

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