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Homo Magi
Classification: Miscellaneous
Associated franchises: Marvel Universe
Associated comics: Doctor Strange Vol 1
Doctor Strange Vol 2
Character examples: Amanda Sefton
Related articles: Sorcerer; Sorceress

Homo Magi refers to individuals who are born with an inherent connection to magic. This may develop any number of ways, such as becoming a minor witch, warlock, or street mage, to evolving into a cosmic level sorcerer. Homo Magi have an intuitive acumen when it comes to their abilities, many of which are based the elements and the very laws of nature itself. However, this does not mean that one does not require training and education in order to further develop their abilities. Some individuals who may appear to be homo magi may in fact be mutants. The origins of homo magi are unclear, but it is known that their existence dates back to the time of ancient Atlantis.


Character Source
Amanda Sefton Marvel Universe
Ashake Marvel Universe
Brutacus Marvel Universe
Gazelle Marvel Universe
King Inferno DC Universe
Meihui Lan DC Universe
Morgana DC Universe
Reptilla Marvel Universe
Nimue Inwudu DC Universe
Vertigo Marvel Universe
Zond DC Universe



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