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Marvel Universe Edit

Holly is the name of a small Midwestern town. A location of note is the town church where Ethan Dumblue - the Sin-Eater, conducted his ministry. Centurious made Holly his base of operations for a time, and through the Sin-Eater, sought to lay claim to the souls of its townsfolk. It was here that Centurious had his final fight with the Ghost Rider, which resulted in the separation of Zarathos from Johnny Blaze. (Ghost Rider Vol 2 81)

Smallville Edit

Smallville 1x12 002

Holly is a fictional character featured in the WB Network television series Smallville. She was played by actress Ashley Presidente and appeared in episode 1x12, "Leech".

The Walking Dead Edit

Holly - The Walking Dead

Holly was a blonde-haired Caucasian woman in her mid-to-late twenties. She was living in the U.S. state of Virginia during the years of the zombie apocalypse. She became a resident of the community known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Holly became part of a work crew that included Bruce and Abraham Ford, with Tobin as foreman. When walkers tried to press through the city's barricades, Holly's life was placed in jeopardy. Tobin was prepared to leave her behind for the good of the group, but Abraham rescued her. To show her displeasure at him, Holly kicked Tobin in the groin. The experience forged a bond between Holly and Abraham - one which may have even led to a romantic relationship. This relationship ended when Abraham was killed by a man named Dwight, who belonged to a militant survivor group called the Saviors. Holly played a major role in the community's war against the Saviors. Defying the instructions of Alexandria's leader, Rick Grimes, Holly took a truck and plowed it through the entrance of the Saviors' Sanctuary. She was captured however by their leader, Negan. Negan prevented Holly from being raped by another Savior, but she was nonetheless killed soon after. Holly reanimated and Negan brought the zombie back to Alexandria with a bag over its head. He offered to return Holly to the Alexandrians in exchange for their cooperation. The town's physician, Denise Cloyd, removed the bag from her head, and Holly bit her on the arm. Rick put her down with a gunshot to the head.

Holly also appeared in The Walking Dead TV series, but in a greatly diminished capacity. She was played by actress Laura M. Beamer in the season six episode, "JSS". Beamer was uncredited for this appearance. Like in the comic series, the TV version of Holly was a white, blonde-haired woman who lived in Alexandria. She was critically injured when a horde of psychopaths calling themselves the Wolves raided the town. Suffering a severe stab wound, she was brought to Denise Cloyd's office, where she struggled in vain to save her. Holly succumbed to her injuries however and had to be put down.