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Doctor Who 2005 7x01 006

Harvey is a fictional character featured in the Doctor Who multimedia franchise. Played by actor David Gyasi, he appeared in the premiere episode of series seven of the relaunch series titled, "Asylum of the Daleks". Harvey was an Earth human and a crew member aboard the Starliner Alaska. The Alaska malfunctioned and crash-landed on the Dalek Asylum world, rupturing a portion of the world's planetary shield. Passing through the planet's atmosphere infected all crew members with nanotechnology, which possessed the ability cybernetically convert them into Dalek puppets. When the ship crashed, Harvey was killed on impact, but his body was thrown into the ice where it was perfectly preserved. When he reanimated as a Dalek puppet, his memories were reprogrammed. He believed that he had been stuck on the planet for two days, when in truth, he had been there more than a year. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams came to the Dalek Asylum and found Harvey. They brought him to the cockpit of the Alaska where they found the skeletal remains of the rest of the crew. The Doctor confirmed that Harvey's story was inaccurate, and that he could not have been here for only two days. Upon realizing that he must in fact be dead, Harvey's Dalek programming took control and he tried to kill the others. They fought him off with a fire extinguisher and locked him inside a storage space. When the Parliament of the Daleks destroyed the planet, Harvey's body was incinerated. (Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks)

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