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Harry S.L. Kim
Harry Kim 001
Name Harry S.L. Kim
Aliases Harry S.L. Kim; Ensign Harry Kim; Ensign Kim
Continuity Star Trek
Category Supporting character
Type Military personnel
Race Human
Gender Male
Base of Operations USS Voyager NCC-74656
Known relatives John Kim (father); Mary Kim (mother)
Status Alive
Born 2349
Died N/A
First Appearance Star Trek: Voyager: Caretaker
Played by Garrett Wang

Harry S.L. Kim is a fictional military officer and starship operations officer featured in the Star Trek television franchise. Played by actor Garrett Wang, he was one of the recurring cast members on the UPN television series Star Trek: Voyager. He was introduced in the series' pilot, "Caretaker", and appeared in all 170 episodes of the programs in total. The character has also been featured in numerous novels, comic books and video games relating to the Star Trek franchise.

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