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"Behind Locked Doors"
Series Femme Fatales
Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
Behind Locked Doors.jpeg
Air date May 13th, 2011
Writers Richard Hollis
Director Greg Pritikin
Producers Mark A. Altman; Steve Kriozere
Starring Tanit Phoenix
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"Bad Medicine"

"Behind Locked Doors" is the first and second episodes of season one of the anthology television series Femme Fatales, which aired for two seasons from 2011 to 2012. The episodes were directed by Greg Pritikin and written by Richard Hollis. They first aired on Cinemax on Friday, May 13th, 2011.


Movie star Lacey Rivers is in for the role of a lifetime after her fast-living lands her in jail. She finds that it's not so easy to make friends except for her tough cellmate, a starstruck guard and a sympathetic warden. Will her past finally catch up with her, or does she have nine lives?



Actor Role
Tanit Phoenix Lilith

Guest Stars

Actor Role
Kit Willesee Lacey Rivers
Will Poston Rafe Daniels
Ana Alexander Camille Gardner
Justine Brandy Maxine
Heidi James Big Aggie
David Bygrave Boyfriend
Paul Mazursky Warden Jeffries

Notes & Trivia

  • Originally aired as a 60-minute episode, but has been formatted as two 30-minute episodes in most subsequent re-airings for scheduling reasons. While many guides list it as a two-parter, its initial airing and release on DVD as one double-length episode should make this the official recognition.


  • Lilith: Prison can be a very scary place – survival of the fittest and all that. What's a spoiled young Hollywood actress to do when thrown into the tank with all those sharks? Those are just the prison guards. No, Lacey Rivers is going to have to rely on her one skill she can count on – her acting. You don't get $5 million a picture without any talent. Behind these locked doors, our little Lacey is about to give the performance of her life.


  • Lilith: Watch any Lacey Rivers movie, and you will always be treated to a happy ending. Well, poor Lacey. She's about to discover that real life rarely turns out like a G-rated family film. Karma can be such a bitch.

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