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Aliases: Old Blighty
Category: Country
Planet: Earth
Continent: Europe
Country: Great Britain
Locale: United Kingdom, Western Europe
Points of interest: Bedfordshire; Birmingham; Cambridgeshire; Canterbury; Cheshire; Chelsea; Cornwall; Darkmoor; Essex; Gloucester; Gloucestershire; Hammersmith; Hampshire; Hertfordshire; Kent; Lancashire; Leicestershire; London; Northamptonshire; Nottingham; River Thames; Staffordshire; Surrey; Sussex; Wandsworth; Warwickshire; Wiltshire; Worcestershire; Yorkshire

England is a sovereign country located on the island of Great Britain and part of the United Kingdom and the European Union. England plays an important role in the realms of Science Fiction and is the principal setting behind many films and television programs such as A for Andromeda, Blake's 7, The Day of the Triffids, Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Points of Interest

Radcliffe Colliery
Radcliffe Colliery was a coal-mining operation in England. It was owned by the wealthy Radcliffe family. Business partner and family cousin Richard Cobb sought control of the company and the family fortune. He murdered Michael Radcliffe deep in the mines and then conspired with a miner named Willie Spears to implicate Michael's brother, Geoffrey. Geoffrey Radcliffe was sent to prison, but with the aid of a man named Frank Griffin and his invisibility formula, he was able to escape and became the Invisible Man so that he could solve his brother's murder and clear his name. After interrogating Willie Spears (who had been promoted to superintendent of the colliery following the incident), Geoffrey learned that Richard was responsible for his brother's death. He confronted Richard several times. Their last altercation took place at the colliery itself. Cobb tried to escape from the Invisible Man by climbing atop a coal car as it was moving up an external escalator. The two men fought and Geoffrey was injured by a lucky gunshot from a Scotland Yard inspector's revolver. Richard however, was unable to extricate himself from the coal car before it was dumped onto the ground several feet below. Before dying from the fall, Richard confessed to murdering Michael Radcliffe.
Radcliffe Manor
Radcliffe Manor was the family estate of the Radcliffe family. In the 1930s and 1940s, the estate was run by the brothers Geoffrey and Michael, as well as cousin Richard Cobb. The manor was located very close to the Radcliffe Colliery, which was a coal mining operation owned by the family. Richard Cobb wanted control of the manor and the business, so he murdered Michael Radcliffe in a mine shaft and convinced a worker named Willie Spears to blame it on Geoffrey. Geoffrey went to prison, giving Richard control of the estate. Geoffrey later escaped prison with the aid of a man named Frank Griffin, who made him invisible. Seeking to clear his name, he terrorized Richard at Radcliffe Manor, forcing Cobb to summon Scotland Yard to put him into protective custody. Inspector Sampson of Scotland Yard ordered his men to spray all of the halls of the manor with fog machines to route the invisible man out. Radcliffe escaped, but later proved his innocence.
Reading is a town located in the county of Berkshire in England. Actor Paul Goddard, best known for playing the role of Stark on the sci-fi series Farscape was born in Reading on October 18th (year unknown).
Slaughtered Lamb

The Slaughtered Lamb is an old world pub found on the moors of Northern England. The patrons of the pub were characteristically an insular bunch, who had little tolerance for outsiders. They knew well of the local folklore, particularly that of werewolves and decorated the interior of the pub with pentacles and other sigils designed to ward off evil. In 1981, American hitchhikers David Kessler and Jack Goodman came to the pub seeking shelter. The residents were very cold towards them and warned them about staying clear of the moors. David and Jack failed to heed their advice and were soon attacked by a werewolf. [1]

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  1. An American Werewolf in London (1981)
  2. Originally from Gallifrey (presumably).