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Drayton Sawyer
Aliases: The Cook
Continuity: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Notability: Main character
Type: Cannibal
Occupation: Cook
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Location: Newt, Texas
Austin, Texas
Relatives: Sawyer family
Status: Deceased
Died: 1986
First: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
Final: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The
Actor: Jim Siedow
Bill Moseley

Drayton Sawyer, most commonly referred to as simply, "The Cook", is a fictional psychopath and cannibal featured in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series. He was introduced in the original 1974 horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where he was played by actor Jim Siedow. Siedow reprised the role of the Cook in the sequel film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in 1986, which proved to be the actor's final work in film.



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It is believed by many that the Sawyers may be inbred. There is no concrete evidence of any sort of incest in the family lineage, though the exact relationship between each member is subject to interpretation.

  • Bubba Sawyer: Brother; youngest of the Sawyer siblings; also known as Leatherface.
  • Nubbins Sawyer: Brother; also known as the Hitchhiker; younger sibling.
  • Chop-Top Sawyer: Brother; Twin brother to Nubbins; younger sibling.
  • Grandpa Sawyer: Grandfather; barely alive and looks more like a living corpse than a person.
  • Mama Sawyer: Mother; Nothing is known of this woman save that her remains were kept in a rocking chair in the Sawyer farmhouse.
  • Great-Grandma Sawyer: A large woman whose rotting remains were kept by the Sawyer family and moved to their underground sanctuary.


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