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Series Defiance
Season 1, Episode 1
Defiance 1x01 014
Air date April 15th, 2013
Writers Rockne S. O'Bannon; Michael Taylor; Kevin Murphy; Clark Perry
Director Scott Stewart
Producers Greg Copeland; Paul Leonard; Michael Nankin; Scott Stewart; Rockne S. O'Bannon; Michael Taylor; Kevin Murphy; Michael D. Gibson; Brian A. Alexander; Amanda Alpert Muscat; Ryan Greig
Starring Grant Bowler; Julie Benz; Stephanie Leonidas; Tony Curran; Jaime Murray; Graham Greene; Mia Kirshner
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"Pilot (Part 2)"

"Pilot (Part 1)" is the first part of the premiere episode from season one of the science fiction television series Defiance. It was directed by Scott Stewart and written by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon as well as Michael Taylor and Kevin Murphy. It first aired on Syfy on Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 9:00 pm.

Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Grant Bowler Joshua Nolan
Julie Benz Amanda Rosewater
Stephanie Leonidas Irisa Nyira
Tony Curran Datak Tarr
Jaime Murray Stahma Tarr
Graham Greene Rafe McCawley
Mia Kirshner Kenya Rosewater

Guest Stars Edit

Note: All cast members listed here are credited for the entirety of both parts of this episode. However, not all cast members necessarily appear in both installments. Notations will be made below. This also applies to co-stars and uncredited cast.

Actor Role
Peter MacNeil Garret Clancy
Dewshane Williams Tommy LaSalle
Trenna Keating Doc Yewll
Justin Rain Quentin McCawley
Jesse Rath Alak Tarr
Nicole Muñoz Christie McCawley
Fionnula Flanagan Nicolette "Nicky" Riordon

Co-Stars Edit

Note: This section lists co-stars in credit order as per the end-credit sequence of this episode. Corrections and additional character information may be provided here that may vary from what is included in the original credit sequence.

Actor Role
Noah Danby Sukar
Douglas Nyback Ben Daris
Wesley French Luke McCawley
Tiio Horn Rynn Grisu
Carl Bauer Rupert Mirch
Steven McCarthy Solomon Birch [1]
Robert Clarke Elah Bandik
Ilena Wolfe Band singer
Jessica Nichols Bertie
Tim Post Fight promoter
Kevin Shand Dog walker/Raiga Suhon
Marty Moreau Paul [1]
Deklon Roberts Sentry [1]
Rob Archer Ulysses, BioMan
Kieran McNally-Kennedy Young Nolan
John Maillet Mister Nolan
Jessica Embro Mrs. Nolan

Crew Edit

Developed by Rockne S. O'Bannon and Kevin Murphy & Michael Taylor
Written by Rockne S. O'Bannon and Kevin Murphy & Michael Taylor
Directed by Scott Stewart

Appearances Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • Actor Marty Moreau is credited in this episode, but his character does not actually appear until "Part 2".
  • Actor Deklon Roberts is credited in this episode, but his character does not actually appear until "Part 2".
  • Defiance was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2013 for the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the series' two-part pilot episode. Recipients of the nomination include visual effects and computer graphics artists Gary Hutzel, Mike Gibson, Doug Drexler, David R. Morton, Neal Sopata, Kyle Toucher, Sean M. Jackson, Douglas E. Graves and Derek Ledbetter.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Garret Clancy in the series (not including flashbacks and recaps); dies in this episode. He also appears in a flashback sequence in "The Bride Wore Black".
  • There is a young blonde-haired girl seen in the 2013 flashback scene from this episode who appears to be Joshua Nolan's sister. No other information is known about this individual. It is is important to note that this girl is not Rebecca Nolan, who is Joshua's older sister as seen in flashback in the season three episode, "History Rhymes".

Allusions Edit

  • The song that Nolan and Irisa are singing in the roller in the beginning of the episode is "Jackson" by Johnny Cash.
  • The song playing at the Chez Renarda is "If I Didn't Care" by The Ink Spots.
  • Nicolette Riordon refers to Amanda Rosewater as "Grasshopper" in this episode. This is a reference to the TV series Kung Fu where the character of Master Po would often call his student Caine by this nickname.

Bloopers Edit

  • In the end-credit sequence, John Maillet is credited as Mrs. Nolan and Jessica Embro is credited as Mr. Nolan, when the order should be reversed.

Quotes Edit


  • Joshua Nolan: Come on. Keep moving. There's things in these woods we don't want to meet.


  • Datak Tarr: We Castithans have a saying, 'The fruit of a misdeed leaves a sour taste'.


  • Rynn Grisu: She's just this human's pet. Does he feed you little treats?
  • Irisa Nyira: We're cannibals. Why don't you stay for dinner?


  • Datak Tarr: Applause means that much to you, does it?
  • Rafe McCawley: You want applause, Datak? Pack up and leave town. You'll get a standing ovation.


  • Rafe McCawley: Nobody's getting lynched, friend. I just want to ask this kid some questions.
  • Joshua Nolan: Yeah, well it seems to me you got everything here except the rope. Or is that holding up your pants?


  • Joshua Nolan: My friend here, she got a thing for edged weapons. Bottles, knives. Your broken teeth would do in a pinch.


  • Stahma Tarr: You know what I noticed? Despite Rafe McCawley's efforts, the volume of his applause barely exceeded your own. That says something.
  • Datak Tarr: That says my wife indulges in empty flattery.
  • Stahma Tarr: My flatter is filled with implied promise.


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  1. The actor is credited, but otherwise does not appear in this episode.

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2013; 2037; 2038; 2046; Alien invasion; Antarctica; Arkfall; Birds; Castithan; Cedars; Charge blade; Chief Lawkeeper; Cold-fire weapon; Colorado; Darby Building; Darby Square; Deputy; Defiance; Defiant Few; Denver; Doctor; Dogs; Haint; Hollows; Human; Indogene; Irathient; Jackson; Johnny Cash; Lawkeeper; Liberata; Little Wolf; McCawley Mines; McCawley residence; Missouri; Missouri Badlands; Motorcycle; NeedWant; Pale Wars; Roller; Rynn Grisu; Saberwolf; Scrip; Sensoth; Spirit Riders; Stasis net; Sukar; Terra-Sphere; Varus Soleptor

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