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"Painted from Memory"
Series Defiance
Season 2, Episode 9
Defiance 2x09 001.jpg
Air date August 14th, 2014
Writers Kevin Murphy
Director Larry Shaw
Producers Kevin Murphy; Phoef Sutton; Bryan Q. Miller; Anupam Nigam; Paul Leonard; Michael Nankin; Mark Winemaker; Todd Slavkin; Darren Swimmer; Michael D. Gibson; Brian Allen Alexander; Amanda Alpert Muscat; Michael Freeman; Ryan Greig; Alexander Wood
Starring Grant Bowler; Julie Benz; Stephanie Leonidas; Tony Curran; Jaime Murray; Graham Greene; Jesse Rath; James Murray
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"Slouching Towards Bethlehem"
"Bottom of the World"

"Painted from Memory" is the ninth episode of season two of the science fiction television series Defiance and the twenty-second episode of the series overall (if one counts the two-part series pilot as two episodes). It was directed by Larry Shaw with a script written by Kevin Murphy. It first aired on Syfy on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 8:00 pm. In this episode, everyone in Defiance is shocked to see the sudden return of Kenya Rosewater. The ones who are surprised the most however are Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr - especially since they were the ones who had killed her!


Principal Cast

Actor Role
Grant Bowler Joshua Nolan
Julie Benz Amanda Rosewater
Stephanie Leonidas Irisa Nyira
Tony Curran Datak Tarr
Jaime Murray Stahma Tarr
Graham Greene Rafe McCawley
Jesse Rath Alak Tarr
James Murray Niles Pottinger

Guest Stars

Actor Role
Mia Kirshner Kenya Rosewater
Dewshane Williams Tommy LaSalle
Trenna Keating Doc Yewll
Noah Danby Sukar
Justin Rain Quentin McCawley
Anna Hopkins Jessica "Berlin" Rainer
Kristina Pesic Deirdre Lamb


Actor Role
Jessica Nichols Bertie
Lizz Alexander Fishmonger Fionu
Ian Matheson Casti businessman
Christopher Bowman Irathient gunman


Notes & Trivia

  • This episode is rated TV-14 (LSV). It contains language, sexual situations and violence.
  • This episode had a viewership of 1.577 million people, which is down by 0.038 from the previous episode. It scored .05 in the 18-49 viewing demographic. [1]

Story notes


  • Niles Pottinger makes a reference to Doctor Frankenstein in this episode. Victor Frankenstein was the eponymous protagonist featured in the novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, which was written by author Mary Shelley and published in 1818. He also makes reference to the character of Igor, which is a mis-spelling of Ygor - a character that appeared in the 1939 film Son of Frankenstein and was played by actor Bela Lugosi.



  • Doc Yewll: You need to stop thinking like a human and accept what is real. If Joshua Nolan figures out what you did to Amanda, he will take his great big gun and stuff it in your mouth and pull the trigger, evacuating the contents of your sick little head. He will do so without mercy or hesitation... and then it will be my turn. That, Mr. Mayor, is where we're at.



  • Stahma Tarr: How long can a human being survive underground without air?
  • Datak Tarr: Do I look like a biologist?
  • Stahma Tarr: You look like a pauper, but that's incidental.


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