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"All Things Must Pass"
Series Defiance
Season 2, Episode 12
Defiance 2x12 002.jpg
Air date August 28th, 2014
Writers Todd Slavkin; Darren Swimmer
Director Michael Nankin
Producers Phoef Sutton; Bryan Q. Miller; Anupam Nigam; Paul Leonard; Michael Nankin; Mark Winemaker; Todd Slavkin; Darren Swimmer; Michael D. Gibson; Brian Allen Alexander; Amanda Alpert Muscat; Michael Freeman; Ryan Greig; Alexander Wood
Starring Grant Bowler; Julie Benz; Stephanie Leonidas; Tony Curran; Jaime Murray; Graham Greene; Jesse Rath; James Murray
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"Doll Parts"
"I Almost Prayed"

"All Things Must Pass" is the twelfth episode of season two of the science fiction television series Defiance and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall (if one counts the two-part series pilot as two episodes). It was directed by Michael Nankin with a script written by Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. It first aired on Syfy on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 8:00 pm. In this episode, Amanda Rosewater has dinner with Niles Pottinger. Rafe McCawley has a heart-felt moment with Pilar McCawley. Joshua Nolan drags the wounded Tommy LaSalle through the snow. Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr are captured and tortured. Doc Yewll has hallucinations of her dead girl friend, and Irisa blows up New York City.


Principal Cast

Actor Role
Grant Bowler Joshua Nolan
Julie Benz Amanda Rosewater
Stephanie Leonidas Irisa Nyira
Tony Curran Datak Tarr
Jaime Murray Stahma Tarr
Graham Greene Rafe McCawley
Jesse Rath Alak Tarr [1]
James Murray Niles Pottinger

Guest Stars

Actor Role
Linda Hamilton Pilar McCawley
Dewshane Williams Tommy LaSalle
Trenna Keating Doc Yewll
Nicole Munoz Christie McCawley
Justin Rain Quentin McCawley
Anna Hopkins Jessica "Berlin" Rainer
Douglas Nyback Frei Poole
Robin Dunne Miko


Actor Role
Lizz Alexander Fishmonger Fionu
Miguel Anthony Warder Gilson
Andrew Bushell Maxwell
Noah Danby Sukar
Jessica Nichols Bertie
Ilena Wolfe Callah
Kevin Shand Raiga Suhon
Hannah Cheesman Lev


Notes & Trivia

  • This episode, plus the season finale, "I Almost Prayed", both aired on the same night.
  • This episode had a viewership of 1.482 million people on its initial broadcast, which is down by .018 from the previous episode.
  • This is the final appearance of Tommy LaSalle as a living person; dies in this episode.


  • The song that plays during the destruction of New York City is "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down" by Robert Plant.


  • Doc Yewll: You can tell the Kaziri to take her 3,000-year-old instructions and shove them up her virtual ass.



  • Doc Yewll: I'm going to get something to eat. Can I trust you not to peek?
  • Lev: I'm a hallucination induced by the EGO implant in your neck. So are the cards. Why would I bother?
  • Doc Yewll: You didn't answer the question.


  • Doc Yewll: You know what I'll miss most about Defiance?
  • Lev: The hot lady mayor?
  • Doc Yewll: You have the weirdest tastes.
  • Lev: I'm the manifestation of your subconscious thoughts and desires.
  • Doc Yewll: You can stop talking now.




  • Doc Yewll: Did you just hack my imaginary wife?
  • Lev: She's speaking through me, Meh, trying to carry out the instructions our people programmed into her 3,000 years.
  • Doc Yewll: Oh, is that all? Well, then, by all means, genocide ho!

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  1. The actor is credited, but otherwise does not appear in this episode.