Daredevil 102
Title: Daredevil
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Ongoing series
Years published: 1964-1998
Total issues: 380/512
Featuring: Daredevil; Black Widow
Creators: Stan Lee; Bill Everett; Steve Ditko
Next: Volume 2

Daredevil is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It features the masked superhero Daredevil, who is in reality, blind lawyer Matt Murdock. The series began publication in April, 1964 with the introduction of the character and continued for 380 issues before being discontinued in 1998. The series was then relaunched as Daredevil, Volume 2, which ran for 119 issues before the title reverted back to the original number sequence beginning with issue #500. Following issue #512, the title changed again to Black Panther: The Man Without Fear.


Main characters Edit

  • Daredevil: Daredevil is really Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer and partner in the firm of Nelson & Murdock. As a child, Murdock was permanently blinded when he was doused with chemicals from a cannister falling from the back of a truck while trying to save an elderly man's life. Though he lost his ability to see, he gained much more in return. His remaining senses increased 100-fold and he developed a radar sense that substitutes for his lost vision. Trained by a blind fighter known as Stick, Murdock has since become an urban crime fighter known as Daredevil.
  • Franklin "Foggy" Nelson: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson is a New York City lawyer. He is Matt Murdock's partner and best friend. A competent attorney in his own right, Foggy's good-hearted nature often comes across as bufoonery, especially when in the presence of his mother. For many years, Foggy was unaware that Murdock and Daredevil were the same person, but has since become of Matt's most trusted confidantes.
  • Karen Page: Karen Page was hired to work as a secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson when they opened their law firm together. Falling love with Murdock, she became Daredevil/Murdock's long time love interest. Even though she kept her love for Murdock a secret, she would often look for ways to cure his blindness. Karen left the firm for some time to pursue a career in acting, but the Hollywood lifestyle steered her into a life of drug addiction. With Murdock's help, she eventually cleaned herself up and became his partner at a small free legal clinic they set up in Hell's Kitchen. Karen Page was tragically killed at the hands of one of Daredevil's most notorious foes - Bullseye.

Allies Edit

  • Black Widow: The Black Widow is a former Russian spy named Natasha Romanov. For a brief period of time, Daredevil and she were partners in crime-fighting while they were based out of San Francisco, California. The two also shared a momentary romantic relationship with one another, but drifted apart after Matt returned to New York. Still, the Black Widow is always ready to lend a hand should Daredevil ever need assistance.
  • Elektra: Elektra Nachios is a deadly assassin of Greek descent. Trained by Stick - the same individual who mentored Daredevil - she came to New York where she reunited with her college sweetheart, Matt Murdock. Daredevil's sworn enemy, the Kingpin hired Bullseye to kill Elektra and succeeded in impaling her with one of her own sais. Thanks to the mysticism of Stick's order, the Chaste, Elektra was resurrected and continues to use her talents to wage war against the criminal underworld.
  • Spider-Man: Daredevil does not often mingle with the other members of the superhero community, but when it comes to rooftopping, there is nobody better to have in your corner than the Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey and DD have teamed up on several occasions to fight up against foes such as the Kingpin, the Unholy Three, Electro and the Owl.

Enemies Edit

  • The Kingpin: Whereas Superman has his Lex Luthor, so too does Daredevil have his own bald-headed criminal mastermind - Wilson Fisk - the Kingpin of Crime. No other adversary has proven to be more of a thorn in Daredevil's side than the Kingpin. Daredevil's entire career has been governed towards toppling the criminal underworld and the Kingpin lords over all of it. The Kingpin struck a decisive blow against Daredevil's crusade however when he discovered his secret identity and used this information to turn Matt Murdock's life upside down.
  • Bullseye: If the Kingpin is the man pulling the strings, than Bullseye is the string himself. A vicious and sadistic mercenary and assassin, Bullseye will take any job - so long as the price is right. Bullseye has only one talent - killing, and he excels at it more than any other. In his hands, even a paper clip can be a deadly weapon. As if this weren't enough, Bullseye got promoted to the big leagues of super-villainy when he had his spine laced with unbreakable Adamantium. Bullseye is responsible for murdering two of Matt Murdock's longtime love interests, Karen Page and Elektra.
  • The Owl: The Owl is the code name of Leland Owlsley, a mutant whose Avian physiology enables him to harness enhanced strength, preternatural senses and talon-like claws.
  • Stilt-Man: Stilt-Man is actually a scientist named Wilbur Day, one of Daredevil's more colorful villains. He stole designs for a mechanical ramming device and used them to create a suit of armor with telescoping legs.


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Series continues as Daredevil, Volume 2

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Series reverts back to original numbering after discontinuation of Daredevil, Volume 2
Series continues as Black Panther: The Man Without Fear

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  • From issue #92 to #107, the cover copy for the series was titled Daredevil and Black Widow.

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