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Dana Scully 001
Dana Scully
Aliases: Dana Katherine Scully; Scully; Agent Scully
Continuity: The X-Files
Notability: Main character
Type: Federal agent
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Location: Annapolis, Maryland [1]
Washington, D.C.
Known relatives: William Scully (father, deceased); Margaret Scully (mother); Bill Scully, Jr. (brother); Melissa Scully (sister, deceased); Charles Scully (brother); Emily Sim (daughter, deceased); William (son, deceased)
Status: Alive
Born: February 23rd, 1964
Died: N/A
First: The X-Files: Pilot
Actor: Gillian Anderson
Téa Leoni

Dana Scully is a central character featured in the Fox Network television series The X-Files. Played by actress Gillian Anderson, she appeared in all 201 episodes of the series. The character was also featured in the two X-Files feature films, The X-Files: Fight the Future and The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Anderson's Agent Scully was also featured in the 1998 The X-Files video game and the 2004 The X-Files: Resist or Serve video game. The character has also been featured in countless novels and comic book series based on The X-Files.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • On the "Trust No One" episode of Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson played a character named Data Nully, an obvious tip of the hat to the character of Dana Scully.
  • Scully's FBI badge number is JTT0331613.
  • Scully and Mulder's respective fathers are both named William. Note: Later episodes reveal that C.G.B. Spender is Mulder's biological father, but throughout most of the series it is believed that William Mulder is his father.

Parodies Edit

Gillian Anderson provided the voice for Dana Scully on the "Eek Space Nine" episode of Eek! The Cat and also joined X-Files co-star David Duchovny on "The Springield Files" episode of The Simpsons. Chad Morgan provided the voice for Dana Scully on the "Junk in the Trunk" episode of Robot Chicken.

Appearances Edit

  1. The X-Files: Little Green Men
  2. The X-Files: The End
  3. The X-Files: Fight the Future - Feature film.
  4. The X-Files: The Beginning
  5. The X-Files: The Truth (Part 2)
  6. The X-Files: My Struggle
  7. The X-Files: Founder's Mutation
  8. The X-Files: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster - Scully seduces the were-monster, but not really.

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