Coal Hill Academy
Aliases: Coal Hill School
Category: Learning center
Continent: Europe
Country: England
City: London
Locale: Shoreditch
1st appearance: Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child

The Coal Hill School is a fictional comprehensive school featured in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. It first appeared in the inaugural episode of the show, "An Unearthly Child".

Two of the more notable faculty members of the Coal Hill School were science teacher Ian Chesterton and history teacher Barbara Wright. The Gallifreyan granddaughter of the Doctor, Susan Foreman, posed as a fifteen-year-old girl and attended classes there. [1]

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History teacher Barbara Wright grew concerned about one of her more curious students, Susan Foreman, who had a solid grasp on world history, but seemed otherwise ignorant of current trends. After expressing her concerns to science teacher Ian Chesterton, they decided to look into Susan's private life. They acquired Susan's home address, 76 Totter's Lane, from the school secretary. [2]

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  • The school is identified by name on a bulletin board at the school.

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