For the film, see Cherry 2000 (1987).
Cherry 2000 001
Cherry 2000
Type: Android
Gender: Female
Known relatives: Sam Treadwell (owner)
Status: Deceased
Born: Unknown
Died: 2017
1st appearance: Cherry 2000 (1987)
Actor: Pamela Gidley
Melanie Griffith

Cherry 2000 is the name of the titular robot character from the 1987 dystopic future film Cherry 2000. She was played by actress Pamela Gidley as well as Melanie Griffith.

Biography Edit

Cherry 2000 was a limited edition gynoid, an android in humanoid form and owned by robotics developer Sam Treadwell. Cherry was his personal companion and was slavishly devoted to him. In the year 2017, Cherry and Sam were making out on top of a wet kitchen surface, which caused Cherry's internal electronics to short circuit. Sam brought Cherry's inert form to a repairman who told Treadwell that his Cherry model was beyond repair so he took her memory chip and transplanted it into a surrogate body, Edith E. Johnson.

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  • The Cherry 2000 model limited edition android was known for it's level of response, reflex action and sensitivity.
  • Other contemporary robot models of that era include the Bambi 14 and the Cindy 990.

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