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Category: U.S. State
Planet: Earth
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Beacon Hills; Bakersfield, Beverly Hills; Big Sur; Burbank; Central City; Chandler; Coast City; Encino; Glendale; Hollywood; Larkspur; Los Angeles; Marin County; Mega-City Two; Modesto; Mojave; National City; Oakland; Ojai; Palm Springs; Pasadena; Sacramento; San Diego; San Francisco; Santa Barbara; Santa Monica; Serenity Springs; Star City; Starling City; Tarzana; Woodland Hills; Woodsboro

California is a U.S. State within the continental United States and is located on the Western coast of the country. It is the third largest state by area and the most populous state. Major cities in California include Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco, and San Diego. In Los Angeles, a major district is Hollywood, which is where all the movies are made. Fictional cities found in California include Coast City, Mega-City Two, National City, and Star City.

In film

Not of This Earth

Being such a large, prosperous and highly populated state, California is teeming with lively, frenetic and bizarre events as it relates to film and other media. For example, back in the 1980s, an alien came to Earth, took on human form and began killing people, electrocuting them and stealing their blood in the hopes of finding a way to save his home world. [1]

In television

The 4400

The character of Maia Rutledge and her parents, Victor and Mary were both from Crescent City, California. [2]


California was the home of the Tanner family, which consisted of Willie Tanner, his wife Kate Tanner, daughter Lynn Tanner, and son Brian Tanner. A alien from Melmac named Gordon Shumway crash-landed his space ship through the roof of the Tanner's garage. The family took him in, but had to keep his existence a secret. Shumway, who came to be known as Alf, proved to be a fun-loving, though difficult house-guest, who had little regard for the Tanners' personal possessions, with the exception of their cat, Lucky, whom he always tried to eat.

Star Trek

Although little of the Star Trek mythos takes place on the planet Earth, California is one of the more notable Earth-based locales. Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy are both located in the city of San Francisco.

During the late 23rd century, Admiral James T. Kirk had an apartment in San Francisco. [3][4]

The character of Tom Paris, one of the cast regulars from Star Trek: Voyager was born in Portola Valley, California.


The CBS television series Supergirl takes place in National City in California. One of the major points of interest in National City is CatCo Worldwide Media, which was founded by former Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant and is one of the most powerful mass media entities in the country. Another important entity in the city is Lord Technologies, founded by Maxwell Lord. National City is also where the Department of Extranormal Operations maintains a central base of operations. The D.E.O. has a top-secret underground bunker maintained by Hank Henshaw. Alex Danvers works there as an agent, and her sister, Kara Danvers, assists the DEO on a regular basis.

National City gained no small measure of notoriety of 2015 when they became known as the home of their very own superhero - Supergirl. It was Cat Grant who capitalized on the young hero's sudden appearance in the city, and immediately began marketing her and branding her as "Supergirl".

Since the arrival of Supergirl in National City, there has been a steady increase in threats of an alien and/or metahuman nature. National City has served as the battleground for fights between Supergirl and villains such as Vartox, Reactron, and the Red Tornado android.


In the near-future, Metro City becomes the target of a rampant crime wave, requiring the establishment of a specialized task force to enforce law and order. Joe Astor, Julian Wilkes and Franklin "Frankie X" Waters protect the city with their technologically-advanced Dodge Viper RT/10, which possessses morphing capabilities, allowing it to transform into the Defender armored assault vehicle. [5]

In comics

Green Lantern

In the Green Lantern mythos, one of California's major cities is Coast City (an analog of present day Los Angeles). Coast City is the home of the Jordan family, which consists of airplane test pilot Hal Jordan. One of the major businesses found in Coast City is Ferris Aircraft. Hal Jordan worked for Ferris Aircraft and was on the job on that fateful day when he discovered a dying alien named Abin Sur, who bestowed upon him a weapon of unimaginable power. Hal donned the power ring of the Green Lantern and became a member of an organization of intergalactic peace officers known as the Green Lantern Corps. In later years, Coast City was destroyed by the Cyborg Superman, but was eventually rebuilt. Coast City, and many of it's surrounding cities became a pivotal battlefield during the Sinestro Corps War.

Points of Interest

Centerville is a quaint all-American town located in the U.S. state of California. It gained some measure or prominence as being the home of the Walker family. Matron Dorothy Walker began a comic strip publishing company in Centerville, in which she chronicled fictionalized exploits of her daughter, Patsy Walker. The town later fell into an economic slump following the discontinuation of the comics, but Patsy's longtime friend, Hedy Wolfe, revitalized the town when she began re-publishing the old stories.
Crescent City
Crescent City is the county seat and only incorporated city in Del Norte County, California. Named for the crescent-shaped stretch of sandy beach south of the city, the city had a total population of 4,006 in the 2000 census with an estimated population of 7,300 (2002), which includes inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, also within the city limits. Crescent City is the site of the Redwood National Park headquarters.
Larkspur is a U.S. located in Marin County, California. It served as the primary setting for the 1975-1976 Saturday morning adventure series The Secrets of Isis. Larkspur was the home of Larkspur High School, which included staff members Doctor Joshua Barnes, Rick Mason, and Andrea Thomas. Notable teens who attended the school include Cindy Lee, and Rennie Carol.
Marin County
Marin County is a county located in the San Francisco Bay area. It is located across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The city of Larkspur is located in Marin County. The Saturday morning super-hero/action series The Secrets of Isis takes place in Marin County. Larkspur High School is one of the main settings of the show.
Metro City
In the near-future, Metro City becomes the target of a rampant crime wave, requiring the establishment of a specialized task force to enforce law and order. Joe Astor, Julian Wilkes and Franklin "Frankie X" Waters protect the city with their technologically-advanced Dodge Viper RT/10, which possesses morphing capabilities, allowing it to transform into the Defender armored assault vehicle. [6]
Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive is a street and road in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The western rural portion in Los Angeles and Ventura counties is named Mulholland Highway. In Marvel Comics continuity, Doctor and Mrs. Lee - the parents of Jubilation Lee, were killed when two gangsters named Reno and Molokai ran their car off Mulholland Drive.
Santa Monica Mountains
The Santa Monica Mountains are a mountain range that runs along the Pacific coastline of Southern California. The range extends from Ventura County to Los Angeles County. The eastern mountains form a barrier between the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles Basin, separating "the Valley" on the north and west-central Los Angeles on the south; and the western mountains separate the Conejo Valley from Malibu.
Vissaria is a small suburban town in California. David Banner took a bus to Vissaria in 1981. He stopped at the Vissaria Public Library where he read a copy of the Vissaria Daily News, which contained an article about a man named Doctor Clive, who was under investigation for an incident relating to a green creature. In the janitor's story to David Banner, he said that the creature killed a farmer named Frank Townsend. After which, Clive mysteriously died a few days later. The janitor told David to talk to Elizabeth Collins, who was Clive's fiancé, who would often spend her afternoons reading poetry in the park. Banner then visited the Vissaria Public Park, where he did in fact find Elizabeth Collins, exactly where the janitor said he would. [7]
Willits is an American city located in Mendocino County in the U.S. state of California. Located in the center of the Mendocino Valley, it became an incorporated city on November 19th, 1888. Willits played a minor role in the Locke & Key comic book series in 2008. It was the home of the Locke family, which included Rendell and Nina Locke, and their three children, Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode Locke. A fellow student of Tyler's, Sam Lesser, was manipulated by an evil spirit known as Dodge to murder Rendell. He succeeded in this, but was beaten down by Tyler and remanded to the San Lobo Juvenile Detention Center. After the death of Rendell, the Lockes left Willits and moved to their family's ancestral home, Keyhouse, in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. [8]

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Characters from California

Note: The following is a list of characters known to reside in California. It does not necessarily mean that they were born there.

Character Source
A.J. The Exterminators
Adelaide Langdon American Horror Story
Adelle DeWitt Dollhouse
Adrian Harris Teen Wolf
Aiden Steiner Teen Wolf
Al Gough FlashForward
Al Grubb Locke & Key
Alex Danvers Supergirl
Alex Whitaker Puppet Master
Alex Wilder Marvel Universe
Alice Hardy Friday the 13th
Alice Hayes Marvel Universe
Alicia Clark Fear the Walking Dead
Allison Argent Teen Wolf
Alonna Gunn Buffyverse
Amber Freeman Scream
Amir Stanley American Horror Story
Amy Madison Buffyverse
Andrea Thomas Secrets of Isis
Andrew Wells Buffyverse
Andy Cardone Incredible Hulk
Andy Goode Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Andy Trudeau Charmed
Annie Wilkes Misery
Anto Planet of the Apes
Armando Bonilla Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Arno Planet of the Apes
Arnold Halliwell Charmed
Arthur Bailey Blood Drive
Arthur Douglas Marvel Universe
Astria Sommers Astria
Auldridge Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Ava Sharpe DC Television Universe
Bar skank Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Bethany Exner Fear the Walking Dead
Bianca Burnette Scream
Bianca Forest American Horror Story
Bionic Bigfoot Six Million Dollar Man
Bill Bowery DC Universe
Bill Foster Marvel Universe
Bill Maxwell Greatest American Hero
Billie Dean Howard American Horror Story
Billie Jenkins Charmed
Billy Loomis Scream
Blake Sarno Fear the Walking Dead
Blayne Moll Buffyverse
Bob Flutie Buffyverse
Bobby Finstock Teen Wolf
Bode Locke Locke & Key
Bonnie Barstow Knight Rider
Boyd Sherman Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Brad Wheeler Incredible Hulk
Brett Talbot Teen Wolf
Brooke Thompson American Horror Story
Brudah Count Yorga, Vampire
Buck Cowan Marvel Universe
Buffy Summers Buffyverse
Cain Marko Marvel Universe
Carl Blake Marvel Universe
Carl Decker Incredible Hulk
Carl Ferris DC Universe
Carl Wilkes Castle Rock
Chad Meeks-Martin Scream
Chad Warwick American Horror Story
Chloe Decker Lucifer
Chloe Stapleton American Horror Story
Clarissa Stamford Puppet Master
Carol Ferris DC Universe
Carrie Reynolds Cavewoman
Case Incredible Hulk
Casey Becker Scream
Catherine Madison Buffyverse
Catherine Weaver Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Catherine Wilder Marvel Universe
Charles Gunn Angel
Charleen Hughes Charmed
Charlene Daley Fear the Walking Dead
Charley Dixon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Chef Moore Charmed
Cherokee Scream
Chester Dolenz Six Million Dollar Man
Chris Boal Buffyverse
Chris Manawa Fear the Walking Dead
Christopher Pike Star Trek
Christy Jenkins Charmed
Cici Cooper Scream
Cindy Lee Secrets of Isis
Cinnamon II DC Universe
Claudia Stilinski Teen Wolf
Cliff Baker DC Universe
Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt American Horror Story
Cordelia Chase Buffyverse
Courtney Whitmore DC Universe
Crayton Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cyler Johnson Greatest American Hero
Damon Matthews DC Universe
Dan Espinosa Lucifer
Dan Gordon Charmed
Dana Hadley Puppet Master
Daniel Osbourne Buffyverse
Danny Mahealani Teen Wolf
Darren Bentley Marvel Universe
Darryl Morris Charmed
David Banner Incredible Hulk
David Chambers American Horror Story
David Lyman Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Dawn Summers Buffyverse
Dell Frye Incredible Hulk
Derek Hale Teen Wolf
Derek Reese Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Destiny Gonzalez Marvel Universe
Devon MacLeish Buffyverse
Devon Miles Knight Rider
Dewey Riley Scream
Dick Brown Marvel Universe
Dirk Armstrong Supergirl
Dorothy Walker Marvel Universe
Eddie Quist Howling, The
Elaina Marks Incredible Hulk
Elias Stilinski Teen Wolf
Eliza Danvers Supergirl
Elizabeth Collins Incredible Hulk
Ellen Patrick Domino Lady
Erica Landers Count Yorga
Erica Reyes Teen Wolf
Ethan Rayne Buffyverse
Ethan Steiner Teen Wolf
Evie Gallant American Horror Story
Felicity Smoak Arrow
Forrest Gates Buffyverse
Frank Forrester Puppet Master
Frank Morgan VR.5
Frye's creature Incredible Hulk
Gabe Reyes Marvel Universe
Gale Weathers Scream
Galen Planet of the Apes
Gallico Preacher
Garrison Myers Teen Wolf
Gavern Wilson Six Million Dollar Man
Gene Hayes Marvel Universe
Geoffrey Wilder Marvel Universe
Gertrude Yorkes Marvel Universe
Gladys Brown Marvel Universe
Grace d'Argento Blood Drive
Hal Jordan DC Universe
Hank Summers Buffyverse
Harlan Krueger Marvel Universe
Harmony Kendall Buffyverse
Hayden Romero Teen Wolf
Heather Douglas Marvel Universe
Hector Hammond DC Universe
Hedy Wolfe Marvel Universe
Heidi Barrie Buffyverse
Helen Elgin Bionic Woman
Henry James The Exterminators
Henry Tate Teen Wolf
Holland Manners Buffyverse
Isaac Lahey Teen Wolf
Ivan Bekey Six Million Dollar Man
Jack Pulver Marvel Universe
Jacklyn Mitchell Razor
Jackson Ward Charmed
Jackson Whittemore Teen Wolf
Jacob Sterling Amityville Horror
Jake Otto Fear the Walking Dead
Jake Powell Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462
James Ellison Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Janelle Voight Terminator
Janice Parkman Heroes
Jenny Calendar Buffyverse
Jenny Gordon Charmed
Jeremiah Danvers Supergirl
Jeremiah Otto, Sr. Fear the Walking Dead
Jeremy Burns Charmed
Jesse Flores Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Jesse McNally Buffyverse
Jesus DeSade Preacher
Jillia Planet of the Apes
Jimmy Kelly Incredible Hulk
Joan Appleby Angel
Jocko Marvel Universe
Joshua Walker Marvel Universe
Joey Anderson Buffyverse
John Connor Terminator
John Deleon DC Universe
John Tate Halloween film series
Jonas Shevoore American Horror Story
Jonathan Levinson Buffyverse
Jordan Two Delta The Island
Joseph Cavanaugh American Horror Story
Joshua Barnes Secrets of Isis
Joyce Summers Buffyverse
Jubilation Lee Marvel Universe
Julia Freeman Supergirl
Julian Slink Blood Drive
Justin Tuck Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Justine Cooper Buffyverse
Kacy Corbin Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Karen White Howling, The
Kari Limbo DC Universe
Karma d'Argento Blood Drive
Karolina Dean Marvel Universe
Kate Argent Teen Wolf
Kate Brewster Terminator
Kate Lockley Buffyverse
Kate Spencer DC Universe
Kathy Dare Marvel Universe
Kim Kelly Incredible Hulk
Kira Yukimura Teen Wolf
Kyle DuFours Buffyverse
Kyle Reese Terminator
L. Brunski Teen Wolf
Lachlan Weaver Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Lance Lincoln Buffyverse
Larry Harvey American Horror Story
Lawrence Henry Carroll, III Incredible Hulk
Leo Morrison American Horror Story
Leo Wyatt Charmed
Les Carlisle Greatest American Hero, The
Leslie St. Claire Charmed
Lilah Morgan Buffyverse
Lincoln Six Echo The Island
Linwood Murrow Buffyverse
Liza Ortiz Fear the Walking Dead
Lloyd Modano Buffyverse
Luciana Galvez Fear the Walking Dead
Lydia Martin Teen Wolf
Madison Clark Fear the Walking Dead
Maggie Walsh Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Maia Rutledge The 4400
Makko Marvel Universe
Mal Duncan DC Universe
Malia Tate Teen Wolf
Mallory American Horror Story
Manny Rocha Buffyverse
Marisol Samuels DC Comics
Marla Bloom DC Comics
Marlene Bekey Six Million Dollar Man
Marlene Blackgar Marvel Universe
Marsha Quist Howling, The
Martin Gamboa American Horror Story
Mason Hewitt Teen Wolf
Mary Rutledge The 4400
Matt Daehler Teen Wolf
Matt Murch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Maxine Baker DC Universe
Maxwell Grant Marvel Universe
McKenna Hall Arrow
Megan Gallagher Puppet Master
Melissa McCall Teen Wolf
Mentor Shazam!
Michael Akins DC Universe
Michael Knight Knight Rider
Michael Schorr DC Universe
Michael Thompson Count Yorga, Vampire
Michelle Dixon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Michelle Shatnell Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Mickey Walker Marvel Universe
Mieczyslaw Stilinski Teen Wolf
Mike Dugan DC Universe
Mike Enslin 1408
Miles Blackgar Marvel Universe
Miles J. Bennell Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Mindy Meeks Martin Scream
Mister Gallant American Horror Story
Mister St. Pierre Vanderbilt American Horror Story
Molly Hayes Marvel Universe
Molokai Marvel Universe
Montana Duke American Horror Story
Mrs. St. Pierre Vanderbilt American Horror Story
Ms. Barton Buffyverse
Nancy Archer Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Nancy Loomis Scream
Natalie French Buffyverse
Neil Gallagher Puppet Master
Nick Clark Fear the Walking Dead
Nico Minoru Marvel Universe
Nicole Mitchell Razor
Nils Peterson The Exterminators
Nina Ash Angel
Nina Locke Locke & Key
Noah Stilinski Teen Wolf
Oliver Queen DC Universe
Oliver Queen Arrow
Owen Thurman Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Paco Rodriguez Greatest American Hero
Paige Matthews Charmed
Pam Davidson Greatest American Hero
Parker Abrams Buffyverse
Patty Halliwell Charmed
Paul Hall Marvel Universe
Penny Halliwell Charmed
Peter Hale Teen Wolf
Peter Silberman Terminator
Peter Spaulding Marvel Universe
Phil Hichok Marvel Universe
Philip Russell Marvel Universe
Phoebe Halliwell Charmed
Piper Halliwell Charmed
Polar Planet of the Apes
Prue Halliwell Charmed
Quasimodo Marvel Universe
Quentin Beck Marvel Universe
Quinn Mallory Sliders
R. Franklin American Horror Story
R. Snyder Buffyverse
Ralph Hinkley Greatest American Hero
Ramrod Marvel Universe
Randy Martin Secrets of Isis
Raymond Coker Marvel Universe
Rembrandt Brown Sliders
Rene Ramirez Arrow
Rennie Carol Secrets of Isis
Reno Marvel Universe
Rhonda Blake Greatest American Hero
Rhonda Kelley Buffyverse
Rib Bone Blood Drive
Rick Mason Secrets of Isis
Robert Baxter Marvel Universe
Robert Minoru Marvel Universe
Robbie Reyes Marvel Universe
Rocket Planet of the Apes
Roderick Krupp Marvel Universe
Roger Denning DC Universe
Ron Erickson Cavewoman
Russell Winters Buffyverse
Ryan McArthur Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sally Gerraro Viper
Sally McKenna American Horror Story
Saloth Sar The Exterminators
Sam Duke American Horror Story
Sam Lesser Locke & Key
Samanda Watson Arrow
Sandra Hawke Arrow
Sara Lance Arrow
Sarah Connor Terminator
Sarah Jordan The Island
Savannah Weaver Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Serena Frederick Charmed
Scott Cooper VR.5
Scott Hope Buffyverse
Scott Mason Terminator
Scott McCall Teen Wolf
Sheila Martini Buffyverse
Sidney Prescott Scream
Stanley Dover I DC Universe
Stephen Gregory Buffyverse
Steven Orth Scream
Stretch The Exterminators
Strug Marvel Universe
Sunblock 5000 woman RoboCop
Sydney Bloom VR.5
T.C. Quist Howling, The
Tanhill Six Million Dollar Man
Tara Maclay Buffyverse
Tarissa Dyson Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tatum Riley Scream
Teresa Morrison American Horror Story
Thaddeus Montgomery American Horror Story
Theo Raeken Teen Wolf
Thomas Halloway Marvel Universe
Thomas Logan Incredible Hulk
Tina Minoru Marvel Universe
Tom Kalmaku DC Universe
Tom Lincoln The Island
Tom Paris Star Trek: Voyager
Tom Raintree Six Million Dollar Man
Tony Villicana Greatest American Hero
Tor Hauer Buffyverse
Tracy Otto Fear the Walking Dead
Travis Manawa Fear the Walking Dead
Trevor Lockley Buffyverse
Troy Otto Fear the Walking Dead
Tucker Wells Buffyverse
Urko Planet of the Apes
Valerie Clark Teen Wolf
Venus Sivana DC Universe
Vernon Boyd Teen Wolf
Veska Planet of the Apes
Vick Chamberlain Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Victor Bennett Charmed
Victor Northrup Marvel Universe
Victor Rutledge The 4400
Victor Stein Marvel Universe
Victor Strand Fear the Walking Dead
Victoria Argent Teen Wolf
Wade Welles Sliders
Warren Meers Buffyverse
Warren Rayker Bionic Woman
Weirick Buffyverse
Will Marshall Land of the Lost
William Barrow Teen Wolf
Willow Rosenberg Buffyverse
Wilton Knight Knight Rider
Winn Schott Supergirl
Winston Redditch Marvel Universe
X-51 Marvel Universe
Xander Harris Buffyverse
Xavier Plympton American Horror Story
Yorga vampire bride Count Yorga, Vampire
Zako Planet of the Apes
Zantes Planet of the Apes

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