Series Blake's 7
Season 1, Episode 11
Blake's 7 1x11 001
Air date March 13th, 1978
Writers Terry Nation
Director Pennant Roberts
Producers David Maloney
Starring Gareth Thomas; Sally Knyvette; Paul Darrow; Jan Chappell; Michael Keating; David Jackson; Peter Tuddenham
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Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Gareth Thomas Roj Blake
Sally Knyvette Jenna Stannis
Paul Darrow Kerr Avon
Jan Chappell Cally
Michael Keating Vila Restal
David Jackson Olag Gan
Peter Tuddenham Zen (voice)

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
T.P. McKenna Sarkoff
Carinthia West Tyce
Marc Zuber Tarvin
Mark York Sub-commander Cheney
Derrick Branche Amagon guard
John Aston Federation trooper
Rex Browne Federation trooper
Doug Charlton Federation trooper
Andy Dempsey Federation trooper
Roberta Gibbs Cally
Barney Lawrence Federation trooper
Keith Norrish Federation trooper
Ronald Nunnery Federation trooper
Neville Rofalia Amagon guard
Derek San-Sellus Amagon guard
Heronimo Sehmi Amagon guard
Bob Sutherland Federation trooper

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