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Ben Grimm.jpg
The Thing
Aliases: Benjamin Jacob Grimm; Benjamin J. Grimm; The Thing
Continuity: Fantastic Four
Notability: Main character
Type: Superhero
Gender: Male
Race: Altered human
Location: Manhattan, New York City, New York
Relatives: See Family members
Status: Alive
First: Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #1



Ben Grimm was leaving a Broadway play with Alicia Masters when he was attacked by a water elemental - one of four such creatures created by Diablo. The being encased Ben inside a sphere of water and he began to drown. His strength could not punch through the fluid material, so he raced into a sporting goods store, where a clerk named Jan saved him by feeding an air hose from a SCUBA tank into the water sphere. Free of the creature's hold, Ben then had to return the favor by repeating the same gestures to the clerk as the water elemental attacked her. He then ended up fighting the earth elemental outside and dispersed it by soaking it down with water from an underground pipe. [1]



  • Exoskeleton: For a while, the Thing reverted back to his human form of Ben Grimm. However, in order to remain active on the team and to keep the group's enemies from learning about his vulnerability, Reed constructed an exoskeleton armor that mimicked the appearance and abilities of the Thing. The suit compensated for Grimm's diminished strength levels and also provided him a high degree of resistance to physical damage as well as thermal and radiation damage. Grimm could even survive in the vacuum of space for limited periods of time while wearing this suit.

Family members

  • Daniel Grimm - Father, deceased
  • Elsie Grimm - Mother, deceased
  • Daniel Grimm, Jr. - Brother, deceased
  • Jake Grimm - Paternal uncle and former legal guardian
  • Petunia Grimm - Paternal aunt-in-law.
  • Alyce Grimm - Paternal aunt and former legal guardian.
  • Sophie Grimm - Paternal aunt, deceased.
  • Franklin Richards - Godson
  • Valeria Richards - Goddaughter


  • Bashful Benjy
  • Ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing
  • Mama Grimm's favorite boy
  • Mister Grimm (usually by Willie Lumpkin)
  • Uncle Ben (by Franklin & Valeria)
  • The Idol of Millions
  • Big Ben
  • Numerous uncomplimentary names given to him by Johnny Storm over the years.

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