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Abra Stone
Aliases: Abby Stone
Abra Rafaella Stone
Continuity: Kingdom Universe
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Psychic
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Location: New Hampshire
Relatives: David Stone
Lucy Stone
Jack Torrance
Sandy Reynolds
Concetta Reynolds
Danny Torrance
Status: Alive
First: Doctor Sleep
Actor: Kyliegh Curran

Abra Rafaella Stone is a fictional psychic and a supporting character featured in the works of author Stephen King. She appeared in the 2013 novel Doctor Sleep. In the 2019 Doctor Sleep feature film, the role of Abra Stone was played by actress Kyliegh Curran.


Abra Stone was the daughter of David Stone and Lucy Stone. Lucy was the daughter of Sandy Reynolds, who gave birth to a daughter by way of an affair with a married man named Jack Torrance. Abra was the niece of Jack's son, Dan Torrance. Like Dan, Abra was born with psychokinetic abilities that has come to be known as Shining. When Abra was a teenager, she met up with Dan Torrance who worked as an orderly at a hospice center.

A group of quasi-immortal beings known as the True Knot targeted those who possessed the Shining and used their vampiric-like abilities to draw their energy from them. The leader of the group was Rose the Hat, who targeted Abra and her powers. Along with Dan and other allies, Abra was able to defeat Rose and the True Knot.



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  • The character of Abra Stone was created by author Stephen King.

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